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The Long and the Short of it- Resources for Tall Clothing and Petite Clothing

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So I wanted to write a note about my favorite resource for tall clothing. I know many of you won't be able to relate to not being able to walk into a store and buy a pair of pants or jeans (like ever) but keep reading because you'll find some helpful information too! Now if I'm being honest, I need to tell you that I used to write for this website/blog but I actually found it super helpful before I began writing for it. In fact I took the time to write the author a note to let her know how much I liked her site and that evolved into my writing the "Diary of a Tall Fashionista" articles.

At, you'll find all sorts of links, advice, resources, and best of all coupon codes for tons of stores that carry tall sizes. Now for those of you who are under six feet, there's stuff for you on this site also. I mentioned the coupon codes. Krista (the author) has great relationships with tons of partner stores and oftentimes gets sale alerts and coupon codes before the general public. That means when shopbop has a sale, you can get a pair of designer jeans for 60% off before all the size 29s are gone! And those coupons apply whether you are tall, short, or somewhere in between. In addition, many sites/stores that carry tall sizes also carry petite sizes. So whatever your body type challenge is, you may find something that works for you too!

But for those of you are tall, I don't have to whine to you (oh but I will anyway!) about how annoying it is that you can't find a pair of pants long enough or have to shop online for hours to find a suit with pants that are longer than a 33 inch inseam. ergh. But the good news is, these days at least you CAN find sizes that fit. The one caveat? You MUST be willing to shop online. Sorry you traditional gals--brick and mortar just ain't gonna cut it! And that's where tallclothingmall comes in. It saves you so much time to have a bunch of resources in one place.

The other site I like is On that site you can search for many different types of pants (yoga, maternity, career, etc) by inseam. Why didn't I think of that first?! The great thing about searchbyinseam is that it includes tall and petite sizes and is very simple and easy to navigate.

Both sites have blogs and Krista also has (for designer tall clothing) and (for plus size tall clothing--even harder to find!).

Women of all shapes and sizes should be able to find clothes that fit well and make them feel good about themselves. These resources help us do just that. Enjoy!

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  1. I should have included--if you like these sites and the items you find there, when/if you decide to purchase, make sure to click the links on the sites in order for the owner to make a small commission and stay in business! (The same goes for Taste{full} although we are still in the process of obtaining vendors and partners)! Thanks for your continued support readers!