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Taste{full} Goals: Organize My Photos, Part 2: Scrapboxing!

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Once upon a time I had some grand ideas of having scrapbooks overflowing with my family memories... but about 10 pages into a Cabo San Lucas vacation and 7 pages into my son's first year, those fantasies met a harsh reality: my lack of time.  I'm not even sure that I could have kept on top of it pre-kids, but I blame that on my perfectionist mentality when it comes to certain areas of crafting... when you spend hours agonizing over a page layout, typical scrapbooking just MIGHT not be for you.  Never fear, I have a wonderful alternative!
My little sister's dear friend first showed me the idea of scrapboxing in this month's Martha Stewart Living.  There on the glossy pages was the most amazing spread of memories beautifully preserved in white shadow boxes.  Assembled by Darcy Miller, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings (and the cutest little lady ever if you've seen her on Martha's show!), the boxes showcased all sorts of family events from Darcy and her little family's life.

What do I love so much about this updated form of scrapbooking?  First of all, the scrapboxes don't have to be super complex.... no brads, cut-outs, rub-ons, ribbons, three dimensional wedding dresses, etc.  They can be as simple as your favorite photo from an event and then any small item you saved from the day.  They don't even have to include a photo!  Your baby's favorite toy, first onesie, baptism dress/suit or even their favorite book would make a great display.  On the other hand, you COULD make them as elaborate as you want... it's all your personal style!  Second, you can actually display these for all to see whenever they enter your home, versus having to lug out scrapbooks and make visitors sit and go through every detailed page.  And can you believe what a fantastic conversation starter a wall of these beauties would be?  Third, these take minimal time to put together and can highlight either major events or the everyday joys of life.  You don't need to feel the pressure to document every single event, so you can pick & choose and make them as you see fit!

So how exactly do you display these treasures?  Glad you asked.... 

A wall display can be assembled either by hanging each individual frame or installing basic shelving and then propping up the frames.  I have to say that I love the shelving idea (though obviously a bit more expensive), as you can then easily move your frames about and add additional sizes and shapes without messing up the configuration.  

Next up?  What you need to get started along with additional instructions and links to products!  Check back soon!

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  1. wow- LOVE this!! I still have not finished scrapping our cruise from 2007...um yeah. As a side note, ikea has shelving comparable to what's pictured and it's really affordable. The shelves I have in G's room and in our living room are from ikea and were super cheap!

  2. Inspired by Darcy Miller’s scrapboxing display in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living and on the Martha Stewart Show? Now is your chance to show off your own scrapboxes! Simply take a picture of your masterpiece and upload it to the Martha Stewart website: http://www.marthastewart.com/gallery?galleryId=making_memories