About - Pretty Real


I'm a writer, content creator, and mama of three- Genevieve, Nadia, and Dax.  And the wife to Joe who shows up here occasionally to help with projects (I love it when that happens)! After a 6 year stint in corporate America I decided to stay home with my kids and while there were some days where an office seemed so appealing, most days I felt blessed to be a stay-at-home mama. Now, with all three of my kiddos in school full time (boo! but yay!), I focus on my corner of the internet- primarily this space and Instagram.

Giving up a career/2nd income was the impetus that led to budget-friendly design and DIY. But now that I'm back to work, designing my home with intention (whether budget-friendly or splurge-worthy) is my goal. I love the blogosphere, but it can be overwhelming and intimidating.  I'm all about keeping things down to earth... real and authentic.  

When Pretty Real first began there were a lot more fashion and entertainment-type posts.  I still do those from time to time but I've definitely evolved over the years.  Currently, I consider Pretty Real a "lifestyle with kids" blog.  I share home design, DIYs, celebrations (often for kids), and a little faith and family thrown in for good measure.

It's important that I honor Christ in everything I do- from time to time I share an encouraging message or a struggle in hopes of encouraging others.  I love the fun and light stuff but it's nice to get real too.

I hope you'll find something of value here--a good idea, a sense of community, a funny anecdote...  Drop me a line any time-- prettyrealblog@gmail.com