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Awesome Free Printables.

9:07 AM

Speaking of being a bargainista, I am in love with Paper Coterie and their free printables!  I learned of them through How Does She.  A while ago they offered a $30 credit and I bought this cute growth chart for Genevieve.  I signed up for their newsletter and am so glad I did.  They've offered a few sets of awesome free printables since then and I am in love with today's Mother's Day set.  My favorite one is below:

Isn't that the truth?!  

Can't wait to print this out and send it to my mama.  Oh and they are in JPEG format so you can even use a photo printing website to print them.  Lately I've been sending photos I need in a hurry to CVS's one hour printing service and picking them up, literally within an hour and less than a mile away.  Now that's convenient!  Head over to Paper Coterie and while you're there, look around!  You may find the perfect gift for a mama in your life.  

PS- I know this post sounds sponsored but it's totally not. ;)

Are there any free printables that we should know about?  Why are you holding out?!  Share your fave sources in a comment below :)

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