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Dax is 1 month old!

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My little man is ONE month old!  It's really amazing how quickly the time passes.  And while sometimes I'm eager for it to pass (3 am feedings anyone?), most often I'm trying to soak it up.  Perspective is a beautiful thing--with each child it seems the time passes more quickly and having lived through it, I'm less tempted to wish it away.  Here's a bit about how we're doing along with some notes about Dax that I want to remember (and hopefully include in his first year book like I did for Nadia and Genevieve):

-Early on he didn't cry much but wanted to be rocked and held often.

-At 2 weeks he started to really look at me.  I love it!

-He gets super charming right before bed time (did he learn that from his sisters?!).  He really looks at me, studies me, and even coos a little.

-At 2 weeks Joe offered a bottle and he took it. He's only had 1 bottle since then but feeling like I can leave him if I need to does something for my psyche.

-On my cell phone (it's how I keep notes on all the kids), I wrote "9/23: making eye contact and staring at me like I'm God's gift to the world."  ha! Adorable right?

-Lots of "fake" smiles at first but about a week ago he started smiling for real.

-Dax has a very fussy period starting around 8pm or 9pm and lasting a couple of hours.  It's sad. for all involved.

-At 2 weeks Dax was still waking up a few times per night.  Now after his evening feeding, he usually wakes up around 10.  His fussy period starts, and then I usually get him down by midnight.  After that he either wakes up at 3 and then again around 6 or he'll skip the 3 but wake around 5 am.  Either way I feel like though he's doing a long stretch, it's a bit less exciting since we start the night with a fussy period and I'm getting into bed so late.

-He's starting to find his voice and coo more!  I can also elicit a response from him now-- if I make exaggerated faces and smile he smiles and looks quizzically at me.

-He loves bath time!  But hates getting dressed.

-We just started tummy time and he's doing well.  My little man is very strong.

-Overall I'd say Dax isn't the most mellow kid.  He's not typically content for very long without being held, cuddled, talked to, etc.  I think he has gastric issues like Nadia did with the colic so he gets uncomfortable and cries often.  Although I'm happy to report he doesn't fit the criteria for colic (more than 3 hours a day, at least 3 days per week, and for at least 3 weeks).

-Dax eats every 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  (By this time both of the girls were lasting 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings).  I feed him more often and then rock him to sleep after wake time.  He doesn't usually fall asleep on his own.  He may not be the easiest baby but he IS the sweetest. ;)  It's nothing I can't handle and well worth it. Obviously.

Side note: You guys! I finally get to dress a boy!  :)  I couldn't do month by month in a plain onesie when I finally get to shop across the aisle at Baby Gap. I will attempt to a take monthly shot with his fun bear pillow wearing real clothes in addition to the fun sticker shots.  Ambitious. I know. But it's the last time. I'm going out with gusto.

Speaking of "last time," just a bit about how I am doing and how we're transitioning as many have asked:
I'm just going to pretend the spit up didn't happen because this picture is too cute.
We are doing ok!  One very late and exhausting night I started crying and realized I hadn't cried yet (this was maybe a couple of weeks in).  I'm a crier and cried probably everyday for at least 10 days with Genevieve--maybe even a longer.  I wasn't depressed but definitely had the baby blues with my first and was coping with the magnitude of my new responsibilities, not being able to control anything, which is stressful for me, and lots of postpartum pain.  This time I have felt really good overall.  I definitely experienced some pain (duh.) but I managed it much better than my first time. We also have support. My mom and sister live with us currently.  My mom has been PHENOMENAL with keeping the house tidy, helping with the girls, and more.  My sister has taken Dax a handful of times after he's eaten so I can get some rest.  She's also an amazing cook and has made us some delicious meals.    

The girls are doing so great.  I sort of can't believe how well that part is going because I was very nervous.  Genevieve is smitten.  She's so good with him and looks out for him.  Nadia is a little less obsessed but still so in love and doesn't come across as jealous.  The other day we were running an errand. She asked if Dax was coming and I said "No it's just you and me!" thinking it would feel like a treat.  She pouted and said "I want baby brother to come!"  It made me smile.  Going from 2 to 3 is harder in some ways, easier in others.  I know we haven't reached some hard parts (chasing all of them and managing activities, etc) but overall it feels this portion of the journey has been easier than 0 to 1 or even 1 to 2.  The girls entertain each other often while I'm busy with Dax--a luxury I didn't have when I had Nadia. And at their ages they were so excited about welcoming a baby--they understood what was happening and looked forward to it.  There's a world of difference between a 3 and a 5 year old and a 21 month old (Genevieve's age when Nadia joined our family).  Genevieve is also helpful.  She can hold him for a few minutes, provide a little entertainment during wake time, go and grab me things when I'm nursing, and even helps with Nadia sometimes.  Her inner little mommy is definitely coming out!
Life is definitely busy without much down time.  I hold Dax a lot.  I'm much better about being content with that than I would have been in the past.  In general, I always feel like I need to be doing something else.  Joe said to me the other night "this IS what your'e doing."  It's true.  I sometimes get down on myself because I'm not taking the girls here and there, they aren't enrolled in any extracurricular activities, I'm not homeschooling etc, Admission: much of that pressure occurs when comparing myself to others which is NEVER a good idea! But Joe is right-- my focus is on my newborn and in keeping my family happy and sane!  There will be time for the rest.
Recently I have started trying to get out more.  Again it's all about perspective.  If I went from 0 to 3 kiddos, I'd be camped in this house for 6 months easily!  But I know that once winter arrives, getting out will be tougher.  I'm taking advantage of the fact that Dax is immobile and will fall asleep when we're out. The beautiful weather has helped.  My first outing was to a little local fair and was so fun.  I totally believe it was God's grace because it could have been a disaster.  But I felt so much more confident knowing I could do it! When Joe opened the door to find me and the girls after a few hours away, I proudly (and nerdily) exclaimed "Who's the mom?!" I was pretty happy with myself.  I really HATE feeling trapped so knowing I can manage even if it's considerably more effort was such a relief.
I wore Dax in the K'tan the entire outing.
Knowing that he's my last baby really helps me soak it in. Who cares if he wants to be held?!  The dishes can wait.  Genevieve and Nadia are quite happy to watch a bit more TV than usual (ha!), and it's temporary right?  I'm so blessed and thankful to have this little boy in my life!  

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