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Genevieve's Charlotte's Web Party.

9:00 AM

In honor of Genevieve's upcoming 5th birthday I figured I'd share her 4th.  Wait what? That's not how it works?  I edited the photos a year ago but the task of organizing and sharing them just before Christmas just kept falling to the bottom of my priority list.  A year later, I figure if I just share the photos without fancy collages (I know collages aren't really fancy.  Humor me) without a bunch of words and explanation (hashtag failing), without watermarks, and without text overlays, it won't take so long.  So here goes:

 Dessert Table:
 I'd been dying to make a naked cake.  Perfect trend for me since I don't decorate cakes well.  

 Sadly I had to run out and find these lollipops the day of the party because the adorable "farm pops" I ordered and paid over $10 for priority shipping took 7 full days to arrive and showed up the day after the party. I'm not over it.

And these are the farm pops.  Can you see why I was so sad? and Yes I set them up and took pictures because I'm a crazy lady.


Party Pretties:

 Ignore my desperately-needs-to-be-painted fireplace.

 I reused this wreath that I made for Nadia's circus party.

I derived so much inspiration from my friend Jessica's son's Cow party including this gallery wall.  The beautiful photo is by Jenn Bakos photography.

Charlotte's Web coloring pages.
 Pin the tail on Wilbur:
And a couple of my sweet girls:

And there you have it.  A year later.  I had to do the "fancy" collages.  Couldn't help myself.  But way less wordy than usual and no sources.  What can I say peeps?  I'm holdin it down the best I can.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love this party so much!! Charlotte's web was one of my favourite books as a kid. Great job on the cake, I tried a naked cake earlier in the year and it was an epic fail!

    1. thanks so much Tamsyn!! I'm really no good at cakes! In fact this one was my backup b/c the other one I made looked terrible! lol. I love love love that book so it was so fun to plan a party around it- and that Genevieve loved it also!