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FREE Valentine's Day Printables + Mantle Inspiration

9:00 AM

Valentine's Mantle
Today I'm trying something new- offering you FREE printables. I love using scripture in a fresh and fun way in my home so I decided to create Valentine's printables featuring some of my favorite scriptures about love.  Once I did that, one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was tackling this DIY to pretty up my mantle.  The pom garland + pretty 'love' art + romantic candles is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Which printable is your favorite?  What other "Love" scriptures would you like to see?

Just click to download:
Because he first loved us
The greatest of these is love
Love covers all
Love is kind

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Enjoy!

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  1. How fun that you have a new bright and fresh mantle now?! Love that the printables look natural like I really could've written them…maybe ;)

  2. yes- it's a handwritten font! one of those someone just writes and then turns it into a font. I wish my handwriting looked that pretty!