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Nadia and Dax's Happy Camper Birthday Party Part I

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Let's just get this out of the way: my party posts tend to be about a year late. Um, sorry about that.  But this one was really cute and maybe worth the wait. Before we moved, I decided to throw Dax an early first birthday party. It kind of killed me that he wasn't officially 1 year old but it was better than skipping it altogether since his birthday would be just a month after our big move. His and Nadia's birthday are just a day apart so I decided to throw a joint party. It also made sense to add a few more friends to the invite list and make it a going away party. So we held a "the DeLangie camp is packing up" + "Our Happy Campers are turning 4 and 1" party.  Here are the details:
Favors and Activities:

 These adorable canteens though. Maybe my favorite part. And the kiddos loved them. Available here. I also list sources at the end of the post.

 My mother-in-law grabbed these fun hats at the last minute. I can't remember where but you can find similar hats here.

 Oh just boring-make-me-so-happy balloons :)

 I lucked out and found fun camping themed crafts at Hobby Lobby- some even had scripture.  Totally cute.

The photo booth was barely used but it sure was cute. I made the signs using this clip art.

Props from here.

I use these ikea frames at nearly every party.
These fun tattoos were a hit.


I loved this bar. And suddenly I'm craving peanut butter chips.

The trail mix bar and the snack table were the most fun for me! I've come a long way since Nadia's circus party. No more elaborate set ups. I want to offer easy (mostly store bought) snacks that the kids will love.
The snack table included: Campfire cake. S'mores pops. Teepee cones, Dirt Cups (pudding, smashed oreos, and gummy worms). Kindling Logs (dipped pretzels). and Fish bait (gummy worms).

I love these s'mores pops! And so easy- Use these fun straws, dip marshmallows in candy melt, roll in crushed graham crackers. Done.
teepee cones at a camping party

That's it for part I. Come back soon for Part II. I leave you with this cuteness (and party sources at the end): 

Sources (affiliate links included):
Printables- DIY using Clip Art. and picmonkey.
Wood Slices (mine were fresh cut or from Hobby Lobby).
If I missed anything, give me a shout!

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  1. I love every single part of this!! I think you've just inspired me for Link's fourth birthday in November!

    1. OOOH Can't wait to see what you do! and thank you!

  2. This is so adorable Tiffany!! I love the idea and the execution is perfect!!

    1. Thank you so much girl! it's no cool mural but I do my best. ;)

  3. Love it! Such a cute party! I love the DIY S'More Pops! I am planning to do a camp style party for my daughter's 3rd birthday! We will be out camping and I thought it'd be a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so mcuh! I saw similar pops on instagram and knew I had to have them! good luck with your party!! :)

  4. This party is adorable. What was the setup for the photo booth? What kind of camera did they use? Did you have someone taking pictures?

    1. My tip for you is to make sure the photo booth is near the rest of the party! Ours was a bit too far away and didn't get much use. I had a polaroid camera there for people to use. I've done other photo booths that got much more use (you can search "Nadia's Book Party" to see that one). For those I had the booth set up in the middle of everything and put an 8*10 sign beside it that said to hashtag the party with a specific hashtag. People either did selfies or asked someone to take their photo or my friend who's a photographer snapped some too...

  5. What did you use for the campfire cake top?