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A Pretty Spring Mantle

4:34 PM

I don't know why I'm suddenly so into mantle decor. It's become a fun challenge to change it up by shopping my home. In our last house we had a fireplace I hated (Side note: why didn't we paint the brick white? Seriously if you are living with something you hate-with-a-capital-H because you're afraid or not "supposed" to paint it, just stop! YOU are the one living there. Don't stare at something you hate for 12 years because you're scared. #endrant). So back to my point- our fireplace now isn't particularly fancy but it's bright, fresh, and a completely clean slate. With that in mind, I knew the heavy black and gold accents were too much for spring/summer.

So I did what any busy stay-at-home-mom of three would do. I ignored my kids for a half hour while searching through boxes in the garage muttering not-so-sweet nothings until I found random decor items that might work. Then the fun began. I threw everything that might be of use up on the mantle. Then I left it there for a week because small children cannot be ignored.
Later I looked for a free printable, arranged, and rearranged until I had something that worked. and that was my process. Eventually I'll create a mantle that'll pretty much stay there (with a mirror or large scale art because it seriously needs that) but for now it's fun to create these temporary "moments" above the fireplace.

I sort of combined Easter and St. Patrick's Day since they were so close this year (boo to that by the way) but will leave this up through April. As for sources, literally everything is from Target except for the green candle holder which is from Christmas Tree Shops. You can find the free printables on my "Printables" Pinterest board.

Do you change your mantle often?

You can see my fall mantle here and my Valentine's Mantle here.

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