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Dax's Baby Book, Only 2 Years Late

10:55 PM

I finally made Dax's baby book. I know he's going to be three soon but I already get sad about him experiencing #3rdkidproblems so I knew I had to push through the busy-ness and get it done. And since it took forever and I'm really proud of myself for doing it and I hope Dax loves it one day, I'm sharing it here.
Oh and this book should have cost $130 but using several promo codes, I paid less than 1/2 that! If you haven't already, sign up for Shutterfly so that you get offers and promotions in your inbox.

Tonight at bedtime Dax told me "I love you. And I like you. I like your eyes. And your nose. And your hair. And your face. And I need 2 more kisses" I mean c'mon guys. These are the things I need to remember. ♥

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