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Dear Nadia

10:09 PM

Dear Nadia,
How are you already in Kindergarten?! How is it that you are nipping at the heels of SIX years old? How did that happen?

Do you know I worry about you being the middle child? You're not the oldest, the baby, or the only son. Will you feel overlooked? Will you feel lost? Will you feel cheated? But then on days like today, on the eve of your first year in elementary school, days where I have all the excitement and nervousness in the world as if I haven't been through this before, days where I get teary eyed at the thought of letting you go, I know you'll be okay. I know you'll feel special and loved and looked after. Because you are sweet girl. Don't think I don't notice.

I notice your imagination. I often catch you mouthing words to yourself or your dolls as you act out whatever fun adventure dances among your thoughts.

I notice your charismatic charm. Your eyelash bat and Nadi grin that make me forget why I was chastising you.
I notice your heart. It's big. It's full. You're sweet and loving and kind and make mommy feel so loved.

I notice your beauty. You're stunning. But even more beautiful inside which mommy is so proud of.
I notice your ferocity. "The perfect mix of princess and warrior." Sweet as pie one moment, fierce like a lioness, the next. (And I love that).

I notice your nervousness. You're so positive, so "can-do" that sometimes I forget you get scared too. But every once in a while you get a look and it's a reminder to reassure you.
I notice your concern for your siblings. Remember when you asked me if God answers prayers because your prayer was that Dax "stay this age forever?" You said "Mom, I love him at this age!" You make sure Genevieve is okay too. You tell her you love her and not to be scared.

I notice your admiration of daddy. How at dinner when I ask what you're grateful for, you tell me you're grateful for daddy- his muscles, how brave he is, how strong he is, how handsome he is... (and of course mommy agrees!)
I notice your spirit of adventure. What a fun life you will have Nadia. Your scrapes and cuts and bruises are beautiful because those scars mean you aren't satisfied to stand on the sidelines. You live life my girl.

I notice your positive spirit. Everyday is awesome. You may have your moments but most of the time you bring the cheer.
I notice you kid. You my dear cannot be hidden or overlooked. You're a star. And you will shine bright in kindergarten. You will learn and grow and play and lead and I get to watch it all happen. I'm a lucky mama to be able to call you mine. I love you Nadia and I can't wait to see what this year holds.
Happy 1st day of school. Nadi Nod. You'll always be my baby girl--my ray of sunshine. I love you sweet girl.

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