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How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Your Little One

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Reading Nook for a small space with art, seating, and wall mounted bookshelves
I loved Dax's nursery but with the addition of a big boy bed (it's this one and we love it!), it was time to transition his room. I always imagined a cozy and calm reading nook as part of his big boy room. I try to keep the kids' bedrooms calm by adding soft textures, lots of books, soft lighting, and eliminating all most toys. See how Dax's nook came together plus my 5 must haves to create a reading nook of your own.

As a reminder, this is what the corner looked like the last time you saw his room.

Reading or Nursing Corner with Upholstered Rocking Chair

I've since sold the rocking chair but still wanted seating. I'd already grabbed this bean bag for the play room and Dax dragged it up to his room on multiple occasions so it seemed like the obvious choice. When it went on sale, it was a done deal!

Stylish Reading Nook in a small space with Bear Art, Book Ledges, and Adventure Theme
Bookshelves  |  Wire basket (similar)  |  Bean bag  |  Star Pillow  |  Adventure Pillow or this one (similar)  |  Bear Art  |  Wall Hanging Tutorial

The shelves are from his nursery. I love that there's no bulky bookshelf to contend with.  Storing books on ledges or wall mounted shelves work well in a small space. I do wish I'd hung them a little lower. I foresee a little step stool in this spot so he can reach that top shelf.

Wall Mounted Shelves for Books Made out of Ikea Spice Racks

The shelves are ikea spice racks painted white. You can buy them online here but if you don't want to pay shipping, I've seen them pop up on local buy/sell/trade sites so perhaps check those out? Otherwise I've linked a similar  option at the end.

Reading Nook for a Small Bedroom with Wall Mounted Bookshelves

The basket of stuffies comes and goes. He often dumps it out and fills it with trucks. But I liked the pop of color it added.

A soft beanbag for seating in a reading nook

You guys. I LOVE the bear art. You can find the tutorial for the canvas wall hanging here. And the print itself was from here.
DIY Canvas Wall Hanging in a Reading Nook

bear art | canvas | DIY frame | Curtains (I LOVE these!)

A cute reading nook with a bean bag for seating, fun art, wall mounted bookshelves

I just really love this spot and so does Dax and his sisters. 

Cozy Seating in a Reading Nook

Cozy Seating in a reading nook

Cozy Bean Bag in a Reading Nook

If you're looking to create your own nook here are the key pieces to have:

5 Must Haves To Create Your Own Reading Nook:

1. Books. (obvi).

2. A bookshelf or ledge.

3. A soft seat- I love the idea of a pile of pillows, an anywhere chair, or a bean bag.

4. A place for stuffies or blankies. Can you tell I'm wishing Dax was still napping?!

5. Fun art and pillows.

A tent or teepee. I opted not to use one because my kids tend to break them, but I love the thought.

Here's a mood board with sources if you'd like a similar look (Only the rug is over $40!):

Here's to many cozy screen free afternoons in the reading nook. ;) 

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