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Modern Mother's Day Gift Guide

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We aren't big gift givers around here but I've come across too many perfect modern Mother's Day gifts to keep them to myself. And maybe due to our gifting deficiency, I had a running wish list in my head from which to choose. These fab finds start at just $5. Enjoy!

10 Modern Mother's Day Gifts

10 Modern Mother's Day Gifts
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1. One Line a Day Journal. I love that this takes the overwhelming aspect of journaling away- you simply write one line a day. There are versions specifically for moms where they jot down one funny, sweet, smart, or poignant thing their kid said (or did) that day! This one could be either for yourself or for your kiddos.

2. 30 Colorful Succulents. Help her start that trendy succulent garden she's been dreaming of! Side note: I can't believe the price on these. Even if she kills a few, there are plenty left to spare. ;)

3. Custom Silhouette. Help her fill that gallery wall. A silhouette is such a timeless addition.

4. Personalized Silhouette Charm Bracelet. You might have seen me feature this beautiful bracelet before. It's because I have it and love it!

5. Woman of the House Tee. Chris Loves Julia released a T-shirt line recently and this is one of my faves. I love its simplicity and boldness.

6. Mom Fuel Mug. I'm sorry to include an item only available in stores but it's so cute! Spotted (and purchased!) from the Mother's Day aisle at Wal-Mart for $4.97. Fill 'er up!

7. Serpent Luxe New Balance Sneakers. Help her be comfy, casual, and cute all at the same time.

8. 23andme Ancestry Kit. If you watch my Instagram stories, you saw that I just sent mine in! I can't wait to learn more about my ancestry. And your mom (or BFF or sister) probably can't either!

9. Pretty Wine in a Can. Need I say more?

10. DIY succulent plant. Find the 3-minute tutorial here. I gifted this years ago and the recipient recently sent me a picture of her thriving beautiful plant. It made my heart happy.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful and strong, hard-working, dinner making, child training, dollar earning, house cleaning, boo boo kissing, baby snuggling, mamas! 

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