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Plans for our Budget-Friendly Kids' Bathroom Renovation

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In March, Joe added shiplap (more to come on that) to the bathroom walls and to be honest I can't even remember how long ago I painted the vanity. But those were the first two exciting steps toward a new look for the kids' bathroom. Of course, I wanted to make it look nice for the girls and Dax but since guests also use it when they stay, its priority level moved up a few notches. That said, we wanted a low budget kids' bathroom renovation, that would still be suitable for adults. Here's what we came up with!

The Budget

This was a tricky kids' bathroom renovation because it needed to be LOW budget. Initially, I wanted to replace the counter. It's cultured marble. I dislike it a lot. It photographs better than it looks (that's a good thing I guess?) but in real life, it has a yellow tint that drives me bananas. Also, it's all one piece- meaning the sinks are a part of the counter. Not my favorite. But the quote was more than I anticipated and later, when I checked back, it had gone up another couple of hundred dollars. Rather than spend $800+ on the counter, I'd rather just make it work until we can get an entirely new vanity. It's crazy how fast everything adds up- even when you're not doing anything elaborate like moving plumbing. Just flooring, hardware, mirrors, etc. and you're looking at $1000 (at least). With that in mind, I devised a plan that would fit within our budget ($1500 max) and style.

The Plan

1. Paint the vanity

2. Add shiplap (or planking)- We used this.

3. Tile the floor (Help me choose!)

4. Swap fixtures and mirror (not including faucets)

5. Add finishing touches
mirrors  |  paint

A few other tricky situations- the faucets are 4 in. centerset faucets which aren't easy to find in stylish models (or brass). When you do find something good, it's $$$. There's a pretty good chance I'll stick with what we have. The other issue is the lighting. With one huge frameless mirror, 1 light fixture made sense. But changing it to two would require hiring an electrician which isn't in the budget. I came across the bathroom below which gave me hope that 1 fixture (a pretty one!) could look good over two mirrors.

gorgeous bathroom via Teeny Ramblers

So here's some inspiration I pulled together for a low budget kids' bathroom renovation + some before shots.

You can also shop these items at the end of the post (affiliate links included).

And at its worst:
Yikes! This was also before I changed the light bulbs to cool toned LED lights, which might be the real heroes of this story. ;)

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