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Progress in the Girls' Room + Affordable Plug-In Sconce Round Up!

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Initially, when I decided to pop in and share some updates in the girls' room, I told myself "not to make it a big deal." It's just about the modern rainbow art, I said. But now, I wish I'd changed their sheets and steamed their bedding. Ok, now that that's off my chest, I wanted to share some moderately real-time updates in the girls' room. Let's be honest, I'm not one for 60-day room renos. It takes me a while to finish a space, but I think that's probably how most of us roll in real life so I like the thought of bringing you along for the ride. Plus I thought you'd dig all the amazing plugin sconces on a budget, I share at the end!

First, we swapped their nightstand. If you follow on Instagram, you saw me share a bit about how Genevieve wishes her room was teal. Um, I'm not repainting that room and would not could not paint it teal (sorry girl). But I tried to throw her a bone with this teal-ish nightstand to bring more of that color in. And you know what? It works! The shape, the fact that it's closed and not open, and the color just bring everything together! So glad I made the swap. (You can see the room with the pink nightstand, here).

nightstand  |  duvet covers  |  frame (different size).

Second, I finally hung some art. I am not 100% on its placement. Again, I shared (asked) in insta stories about 2 large art pieces over the bed, one large piece in the middle, or sconces over each bed. In the end, I decided to try this and see how I feel. I am not great at visualizing but I already had the frame and the art, so it was worth a half hour and an $8 print to see it in real life. The art is from here and I adore it, but sadly is no longer being sold. Sign up to be notified for new releases though!

With a pulled back shot, you can see we still need something over the beds. Round mirrors? Wall hangings? Sconces? Shelves? I'm not sure yet. But whatever I do, I think it needs to be round...

The last additions were these awesome book ledges.

ledges  |  some of our favorite books: I Like Myself  |  The Book with No Pictures  |  What Makes it Rain?  | Brave Girls Bible Stories 

Excuse the tight crop- remember when I shared the mess that is their closet in this post? It hasn't improved. Send help!
Full disclosure: I stole this clock from the kitchen just for the post. But now I wish I'd bought two. No link but it was just $7 at TJ Maxx! I might grab another but I think they like their plastic clock better. 

I think I need to add a chair or something! She calls this her "hang out" spot and I'm not sure if you can see them but these fun fur pillows (her request) were on serious clearance at World Market. They are still available online here and here.

Lastly, I shared this thrifted find on Instagram (if you're not following there, why?!). I decided to use it as stuffed animal storage rather than a hamper.

Slowly but surely, it's coming together! Ok, here's that roundup I promised. I shared these affordable plug-in sconces here (starting at just $20 for a gorgeous plug-in sconce!). I'll be sure to share what I choose.
Plug In Sconces on a Budget
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