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How We Transformed a Blank Wall into a Useful Office Nook - One Room Challenge Week 8

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How We Transformed a Blank Wall into a Useful Office Nook
You guys! We made it! We've arrived at the end of the One Room Challenge! Air hugs and jazz hands all around! What an eventful 8 weeks (in more ways than one)! I'm excited to show you the final result of the past 8 weeks- and really 8 months since we first began discussing this project. Joe and I knew we needed a place for me to work, a place for a family computer, and though I hope not (please please please), a place for the kids to 'do school,' if remote learning continues in the fall. We decided that the blank wall in the kitchen would be a great place for a DIY office nook. My goals for the office nook included:

Decorative but also useful

Storage for my camera, the kids' papers, and office supplies

Built-in elements

Kid-Friendly Design

Shelfie with books, decorative objects, photos, and plants
globe (similar)  |  Rattan pot  |  Brown Planter  |  Brackets  |  African Coil Vase (similar)

And not to brag or anything, but we nailed it. ha! While the project kept getting more simple in execution (there was a time I bought cabinet bases and another time I tried designing a nook with cabinetry on IKEA's site but quickly realized the latter was way out of budget!), I'm so happy with what we ended up with! But enough chatting, Imma let these pictures do the talking.

But first, a reminder of where we came from!

blank wall in kitchen before turning into an office nook

And where we are now!

a built in office nook with a built in desk and wall to wall shelving

And some details for you...

I included a few youthful elements since the kids will be using the space quite a bit- like the adorable little planter with a face.
A built in office nook with a built in desk, wall to wall shelving, and vertical shiplap
globe (similar)  |  Rattan pot  |  Raven Plant  |  Small Brown Planter  |  Sconce (similar)

Another attempt at kid-friendliness is the "Here With You" print from Juniper Print ShopI had it printed on a mat so I could lean it against an easel without a frame. It's such a fun way to display art! The desk organizer holds binder clips, letters for our letter board, scissors, and a ruler, although I can see it holding more supplies (or different supplies) once school starts. The small basket on the desk holds the cutest jars of paper clips and push pins.

A built in office nook with wall to wall shelves, a built in desk, and vertical paneling
 Here with you print  |  gold desk organizer   |  white + brass stapler  |  Wonders of Man book set (jackets removed)

DIY office nook
 file holder (painted with this spray paint)  |  green hanging folders  |  chair  |  antique brass hanging note roll  |  pencil sharpener

DIY office nook with built in desk, wall to wall shelving, and vertical shiplap
antique brass note roll

When my container store organization didn't arrive in time (still waiting almost a month later!), I had to figure out another option for paper storage. Enter this cute wire hanging file holder plus these green folders which look downright vintage. Such a cute combo that cost me $16! I plan to use them for business receipts, and the kids' school papers.
A DIY office nook with built in desk, wall to wall shelves, and vertical shiplap
Hanging file holder (spray painted with this paint)  |  folders  |  vintage children's books  |  brackets

These adorable vintage books full of life lessons deserve their own close-up. Not only are they adorable but the guidance is legit ♥ If you aren't a thrifter, I recommend searching Etsy for "vintage children's books." You'll pay more than you would at a thrift store but they're so charming and already curated!

vintage childrens books
vintage books  |  pencil sharpener

The white baskets hold my camera and lenses. The other holds misc. stuff -  note cards, etc. The top left art print is also from Juniper Print Shop- it's called Mercer. I found the "Wonders of Man" book set at a thrift store and I adore it. 

DIY office nook with shelf styling

shelf styling with beautiful brass brackets

DIY office nook with wall to wall shelves, a built in desk, and vertical shiplap

A DIY office nook with built in desk, vertical shiplap, and wall to wall shelves on brackets

POC influencer participating on the one room challenge
Here's the before and after!
before and after of a blank wall turned into a DIY office nook
I'm so happy with it! If you'd like to read about it from the beginning, check out the posts linked below, but first make sure to check out all the other AMAZING reveals right here!

week 1: A fresh and modern kid-friendly office nook
week 2: figuring out the shelves
week 3: shelves, brackets, and my secret weapon for shelf styling
week 4: how we installed the floating desk
week 5: canceled
week 6: how to make wall shelves out of two narrow boards
week 7: how to hang wall shelves with brackets, using wall studs

You can shop the post below (affiliate links included). I tried to include everything that wasn't thrifted, a TJ Maxx find, or something I already had, which most of it was. But guys, that's why you love me- I'm thrifty. ha.

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  1. Wow! I am so inspired by this space! I need to create an office corner for myself and this is giving me the motivation to tackle it next!

  2. Sooo good! Now you’ve got my brain turning some new ideas around...

  3. I love it! Everything about it is perfect! Kid friendly but still so aesthetically pleasing!

    1. Thanks Taylor! That's always my goal for this phase!

  4. Love this! So adorable and approachable.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Love this! So functional and beautiful.

  7. Love this! What a great makeover!

  8. I love how you took an unused space and made it into something so functional and inviting! The natural colors plus gold details are beautiful

  9. This was such an excellent use of a potentially dead area in your home. The neutral colors and shiplap brighten up the whole hallway!

  10. This is absolutely amazing! I looooove this paint-are you willing to share the color?

  11. This transformation makes me wish I had an unused nook to create a beautiful study space. I love everything about it!

  12. I love this! It looks great!
    A thought about the hanging folders as someone who also manages a lot of might look for the ones that are hanging expanding folders. They come in the darker green like the folders you used. The worst thing is having everything you're trying to organize fall out of the folders!

  13. Your space is ABSOLUTELY wonderful!! What a special place you have made for your family.

    I came here from Emily Henderson's blog and am definitely following you now!i love everything you did here and can't wait to explore more around your blog!

  14. Dang I am not sure if my comment disappeared while I was logging in — so I apologize if this is a duplicate.

    Anyway, you have made such a WONDERFUL space here for your family — I love it so much!! It looks so warm and inviting and functional.

    It's Emily Henderson's blog that featured you that sent me here — and I am definitely following you now! Excited to go check out all the rest of your blog.

    Bravo again on a simply superb space.

  15. Love this space. It looks like it has always been this way. I am really drawn to your light fixtures and those vintage books! You must love this stylish and functional spot!

  16. this is absolute perfection, well done! Just wondering how you went about the paneling on the wall?

    1. Hi Erin,
      We finally detailed the process here!

  17. Do you have the original sconce link?