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Entry Refresh Plans

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Slowly but surely we're getting the first floor together. I don't know what's "normal," but our pace feels so slow, guys! I keep thinking of a proverb we received from an older African gentleman in our first year of marriage "Little by Little, the bird builds its nest"- in his language. So sweet and oft thought of when I'm getting impatient. We made a big step in the entry when we had a hall tree (locker? what do you call it?) built but then I painted it the 'wrong' color and proceeded to ignore it for 2 years. Ha! Well here are plans for a quick and easy entry refresh.

I wish I could find a photo of when we first move in! But here's what it looked like after we had the built-in hall tree installed. But then did nothing else.

Entry Refresh Budget-Friendly Design Board

And here's our plan for it now! If you follow on Instagram (Seriously, follow. We have fun over there), you saw me narrow down paint colors from like 50 to 3. It was a PRO-CESS. But once I had that narrowed down, the rests sort of fell into place. ♥

Our Budget Friendly Design Plans for the Entry

Sources- Affiliate Links Included

Paint Color- Sherwin Williams Craftsman Brown (I'm still sort of debating SW Pottery Urn too!).

Light Fixture

Tongo Baskets and here

Key Hook

Black Hooks

Ivory Pillow

Aztec Pillow

Printable Art (I'm also considering this one!)



Rain Boots

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