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Neutral Large Size Area Rug Round Up

8:37 PM

If you follow on Instagram, you know I have the "magic" rug in our loft and, well, the magic has worn off. I'm ready for a change. That said, I have to add though that this rug has been so good to us and was GREAT for 4 years with 3 littles. It cleans up really well and goes with everything. So don't rule it out if you need a kid-friendly rug! I've been checking out Rugs USA (not sponsored) and found a variety of large-sized neutral area rugs. I shared them all on Like.To.Know.It but I hear some of you prefer round-ups on the blog so this one's for you! 

My criteria were no medallion (although a few failed that litmus test), a true 9x12 (not 8'6" x 11x6"), affordable, and I wasn't necessarily looking for neutral but I quickly found that colorful rugs are harder to pull off on a budget. Ok enough chatty chat. Here they are:  

If you're in the market for one, which one would you choose? PS- Affiliate Links Included

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