Please someone take my debit card... - Pretty Real

Please someone take my debit card...

12:03 PM

And do not allow me back to J. Crew's sale section, where you can currently save an additional 20% off the already low prices AND get free shipping on purchases over $150 with the code EXTRA20.  No, I didn't go blow a bunch of money, but I want to and I am especially enamored with these little girl pieces from the CrewCuts line... seriously ladies, I'm in trouble when my little doll baby hits two...

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  1. OH MY. I LOVE that jacket. Pretty sure Suri Cruise shops at Crew Cuts.

  2. is it bad if i want to wear children's clothes?

  3. NO! Especially not if they look like that :)

  4. Maybe I should start stocking up on adorable baby clothes now!