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"Julep" nails it.

8:09 PM

So I am always amazed at how Megan always knows the "it" nail polish color of the moment. Without fail every time I notice her wearing a hot color, I see it featured in a magazine later that day. Ok, maybe not later that day, but shortly thereafter. I unfortunately am not on top of the nail polish trends, but despite my ignorance, this quartet landed right in my mailbox courtesy of popsugar daily and caught my eye. It's a tribute to the new Sex in the City movie and each character has a color. Choose from Carrie (pale pink), Samantha (fuschia), Miranda (seafoam blue-green), and Charlotte (lavender). I never watched the show or saw the first movie but that didn't stop me from falling head over heels for every single one of these shades. Head on over to Julep to see these and other amazing colors. Polish away...

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