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Let's Play Dress Up!

9:47 AM

I love that paper dolls are no longer just for kids. AND that that paper dolls have gone virtual. The site http://www.looklet.com/ allows you to dress up your very own model in of the moment trends. You can choose from one of 20 models and with that many choices you can probably find one with similar coloring/skin tone as you have. Of course you can buy any item you choose (that's how they get ya!). This site is just perfect for testing out new looks that you're not brave enough to test out at home...or practicing your stylist skills...or just wasting a TON of time, because it's totally addicting. Whatever your goal, you're sure to have a lot of fun in the process. Take a look at "me" and "Meg" and our cute looks!

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  1. oh geez- here is my new addiction. ugh.

  2. sorry Abby...but addicts love company!!

  3. Wow, I like my fake self... I'm so skinny! ;) Love it :)

  4. And you're carrying a Louis Vuitton bag! You're welcome. ;)