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Just ONE More Nail Polish, I Swear....

9:26 AM

Yes, I'm stuck on nail polish, and I'm sorry if you're bored.  BUT..... I happen to have found perhaps the most beautiful neutral shade.  EVER.  Granted, I do think that you need to look around and find the right neutral for YOUR skin type... but this is a darn good place to start.  My new love....
Essie Secret Affair

I picked this up at TJ Maxx back at Christmas while visiting my in-laws in Tennessee.  It sat, somewhat forgotten and overlooked, as I have recently been obsessed with more bold shades and all the gorgeous summer options out there.  But just yesterday I picked the bottle up and decided I'd try a quick swipe on my thumbnail... and three coats later,  I. Was. Obsessed.

The incredible opalescent taupe-y pink shade makes my whole hand somehow look more elegant, polished and just plain pretty. It reminds me of the neutral shades you often see models or celebrities wearing in magazine advertisements or covers.  Even doing simple household chores, I keep pausing to admire my newly chic nails.  This is a neutral I'll be keeping in my nail arsenal for good!

Purchase Essie Secret Affair at your local Target, online (found it here for only $2.99 a bottle + $4.95 shipping), or wherever Essie nail polishes are sold!

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  1. oh i am in love with this . . .

  2. I was very tempted to purchase this from Target today. I kept thinking of your line about stopping to admire your nails while cleaning! VERY convincing. BUT I just can't pay 7.99 for nail polish! So I will just have to borrow yours. ;)