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Must Have for Fall: FUR the Love...

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I could write 200 posts about boots.  Boots, Jeans, and Coats are my addiction.  And I have a lot of all (hence Taste{Full}: Shop our Closets).  But this isn't about me...It's about your fall wardrobe and the staples that comprise it.  So for our readers who live down south (yes, I'm talking to you Brittaney), you may not get as much value out of this post, but for you New England gals, this is going to resonate.

How often do you fight the "cute or warm?" battle?  I fought it just yesterday while getting dressed for the fair.  [fighting reminiscing about apple crisp and ice-cream now].  It's so easy to be cute in the summer.  But in the's almost as if with each layer we throw on we get fatter and less stylish.  And seriously girls, who wants that?!  That's what I LOVE about fur boots.  Fur trimmed boots are cute, warm, and comfortable.  Tuck them into skinny jeans with a chunky sweater and you just look effortlessly stylish--which in my opinion is the best kind of style. 

A few weekends ago I met these amazing boots at Nordstrom:

Which got me thinking about a fur boot post.  Of course I didn't purchase them at the time (it was my husband's turn to be extravagant, not mine--more on that in another post).  However, the minute I got home I started doing searches for them .  While I didn't find that specific pair at a price I wanted to pay, I did find a variety of other very cute options.

Now of course there are tons and tons of options out there.  But I chose these three to highlight.  All of these boots are warm- fleece or Sherpa lined and cozy as all get out.  Two of the three can be folded up or down (versatility is awesome) and the last pair...well they are just plain fun.  Those of you who love mukluks will appreciate this cheaper version of them.  I also wanted to show that there are a variety of textures to choose from.  You can wear these with skinny jeans, skinny cords, sometimes even flared or straight leg jeans look cute "piled" on top of them.  You can also wear with shorts (I have a pair of velour bermuda's I love to whip out in the fall and pair with tights and boots), or a skirt and tights.  Some brave souls even pair with dresses.  I'm like a broken record, but [say it with me], the possibilities are endless! 

So if you don't already have a pair of cute, warm, fur boots, let this be motivation to you to go for it!  

Happy Shopping!

♥ Tiffany 

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  1. Hey! I could wear these at least 2 or three days out of the year down here.

  2. You like how I called you out?! ;) Seriously I couldn't NOT wear boots. I'd just have to wear them with shorts or skirts if I lived down south.