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Sew Excited!

1:29 PM

Ok, I couldn't help but use this silly pun...But seriously I am so excited about my most recent purchase!! I JUST ordered this mini sewing machine from Amazon. I was totally inspired by this post at Prudent Baby via Chic and Cheap Nursery. I figured if this gal can make a crib sheet and changing pad cover with this cheap and tiny sewing machine, when she doesn't even sew...I might as well give it a whirl. I mean, I haven't sewn since I was 13 and made tons of scrunchies to match every outfit (which was a 13 year old girl's dream by the way), so I am certainly no expert (oh and I feel compelled to tell you that every time I type "so" I'm tempted to use "sew" but I'm sparing you my lame pun humor). And Chic and Cheap Nursery mentioned an amazing site that carries THE most AH-mazing fabrics that I will choose hopefully I'll have everything I need. (ok, totally couldn't resist).

In any case you can be sure I'll post any projects I attempt and my review of the sewing machine. Until then, I'll be researching other easy sewing projects and be eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new toy!

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