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Forever 21 for Girls!

4:59 PM

Forever 21 never ceases to amaze us. Megan's written about it before and I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll mention our favorite source of on trend affordable fashion. It's our go to for not only cheap, cute fashionable finds, but with their ever evolving market reach, for our inner sophisticated fashionista (twelve by twelve), our chic and modest goddess (love 21 contemporary), our curvaceous bodice (forever 21 plus), our relaxed persona (heritage 1981), the mama in us (love 21 maternity) and the men in our lives (21MEN). Well in case you thought it couldn't get any more diversified, they have now introduced forever 21 girls! I must admit I was a bit scared I'd see bustiers and minis in the tiniest sizes but lo and behold, the fashions are adorable and quite age appropriate. To be honest, I need a reason to wish Genevieve would grow up because I'm guessing trying to stunt her growth so that she's my "baby" forever, just isn't my greatest idea...with adorable (and cheap!) fashions like these, I might just be ok with her turning...FIVE one day! (oh eyes almost welled up...)

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  1. oooh Cali's gonna be excited. Forever 21 is awesome and way affordable

  2. aren't they? She'll be adorable in that stuff (well she's adorable regardless of what she's wearing, but you know what I mean). ;)