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Just to Pin It: Make-Up.

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I'm not going to claim that this is a series because I tend to do that and then not follow through (Taste{full}: What's for Dinner?), BUT I basically got the idea while looking at a magazine to actually do something with the images I rip out from time to time.  I plan to create a "real," binder but of course, I couldn't ignore the fact that pinterest is just calling to me to create a virtual one as well.  I love pinterest.  It can be a crazy time waster but it can also be  an amazing source of great and creative ideas.  So I decided to take pictures of some of the images I've torn out of magazines-both to post here and to pin on my pinterest boards.  So here goes:

Lancome "Doll Lash Effect" Mascara- wide eye look.  I LOVE this.  I don't for a second believe my eyelashes will look like this just by using this mascara but I love it nonetheless.  I'm always looking for inspiration with make up--is anyone else afraid that they'll be one of those women wearing the same color combo and brands for thirty years?! 

Also Lancome.  So, so pretty.  Love the champagne with the grey.  I will be trying this.  Shoot- just realized I didn't capture her lips in the photo.  They are a shimmery pink.  Just lovely.

What make up looks have you pinned lately?

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