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Spray Paint is Magic.

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I love spray paint.  It’s funny; I used to make fun of my mom for wanting to spray paint everything in the house, but now I understand why. It’s so easy to completely transform something ordinary to something amazing with a few quick coats of spray paint.  

I spray painted a couple of projects a while ago that I meant to blog and never did.  One was a pair of awesome lamps.  I found them at Family Outfitters (where I got this chair and this dresser) for $2 apiece.  Yes, you read that right!  They didn’t have shades but seriously for that price, I figured I could buy paint and lampshades and still end up on top.  In fact, I saw a very similar style of lamp at Target (tried to find an image online but couldn't) and it cost $49.99 without a shade!  I purchased the lamp shades from HomeGoods for $14.99 apiece.  So a few cans of spray paint, 2 $2 lamps, and 2 $14.99 shades and I have a pair of lovely table lamps.

I always forget to take a good "before" picture...

sorry for the crappy cell phone shot.  and ignore my table and lack of styling. ick.
This is the after.  But soon, you might have an after, after.  This was a project I did last summer and now that I’m starting to re-do my living room (more on that in future posts), I’m getting a better sense of what colors I want to use.  Suddenly, white seems so boring.  I also bought these lampshades Saturday.  I’d seen them at Target a few days before that and fell in love with them…but I wasn’t sure (I’m SO indecisive which makes decorating just a tad difficult).  Then I saw them featured in In Style and realized I had to have them.  Yes, I’m totally impressionable to glossy, pretty marketing. 

I realized after I got home they are the wrong type of shade (Why me GOD?!)  but I’m not giving up hope just yet.  I’m going to take a closer look at the lamps and see if I can finagle something. So there you have it.  I hope I can because I LOVE this shade and I really think re-painting the lamps in a bright glossy color + these stylish shades = super cool lamps. 

Next, my look for less mirror…

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  1. haha, i never style when i take pictures . . . i've been putting off a "apartment tour" until the magical day when our place is perfect. maybe i should stop putting it off?

    i love this DIY- you're so great at repurposing!

    1. well the tiny bits of apartment I've seen in the background of your photos (wow I sound like a complete stalker) are adorable. can't wait to see your tour!!

      PS- made the lamp shades fit! :)

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  3. I feel like I just rediscovered spray painting! I did it years ago when I was in high school, along with reupholstering some chairs, but haven't done it since. I tend to throw things out and waste money on new things, but no more! It's an addiction. :) The lamps look awesome and the shades are great.

    1. thanks! Yes, totally addicting. I'm working on spray painting end tables now...Part I was a bit of a fail. LOL. First time spray painting furniture other than a couple of cheap thrift store rocking chairs. Hopefully I can pull it off!