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Pinterest Picture Project: "Itty Bitty Pieces"

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This weekend I actually got two tasks accomplished that were on my creative to-do list (you know- the one that doesn't include "sort mail," "go to the post office," or "clean out the junk drawer." i.e. the FUN one!).  One I blogged here.  The other I pinned before Nadia was even born.  The image is copyrighted but you can view it here. When Nadia was about a week old I made a point to take photos of all her little sweet "pieces" with this photo in mind.  Of course I never edited them or collected them into a collage until now.  Here is the final image:

I'll admit it's nowhere near as gorgeous as my inspiration image but then I am not a professional photographer!  And anyway I'm certain when I look at this photo in years to come I'll be so amazed at how tiny and perfect my Nadia was that I won't have time to think about the original image.  It helped that I used a couple of images from this shoot.  She's amazing and you can see the difference between her baby photography and mine!  Well worth the money.  I'm using this image in Nadia's baby book that I finally started last weekend (yes, she's 7 months old.  But at least I'm doing it!).

A few pointers if you'd like to create a collage like this:
1. Take photos of all the little parts and try to make them all about the same size.  I tried to get her lips, nose, ears, hands, feet, hairline, profile, face, and belly button...
2.  Get really close!
3. Take the photos on a solid surface.  If I'd collected these images when I took them, I would have re-taken them.  She was lying on her play mat which has a 'busy' pattern and kind of made creating this collage harder than it would have been otherwise.
4. I put this collage together in picnik.  Obviously if you're adept at adobe or other photo editing software you can use that.  As a side note picnik is closing on April 19th. (boo!).  I've heard that picmonkey is a good alternative.
4. To see my other tips for [amateur] baby photography, click here.

I took these when Nadia was just a week or so old but you could do the same thing at a later stage in the baby's life- just realize as she gets older it will get more difficult.  If I tried to do this now, she'd be grabbing the camera and trying to eat it!

Thanks for the idea Heidi!
If you try this, let me know!  I'd love to see it and maybe feature it!

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