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Front Door Fail.

8:39 PM

So I finally painted my front door yellow!  I figured painting the door was an inexpensive weekend project that would hopefully make a big impact.  I've wanted to update the door for some time and finally just ran to Sherwin Williams, got the paint, and got on it.  However in my rush, I kinda sorta just eye balled a color and ran with it (i.e. no sample).  I found a yellow I liked and went one shade lighter since I tend to do super saturated colors, love them for a year, and then hate them every. day. after. that.  But in this case I shoulda gone with my gut.  The color ended up being this light buttery tone that I just didn't love.  The bad news is I had to paint over it. The good news is, I creatively salvaged the project and turned a fail into a success!  Stay tuned for before and after pictures.  I will tell you that I do love it now! :)

What color is your front door?

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