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Happy Anniversary to US.

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Today is Joe's and my 8 year anniversary!  I am so blessed to be married to an amazing man and my soul mate!!  Joe and I are so serious about working at our marriage to make sure it lasts.  If left to our own devices, I have no doubt that we would implode and become another statistic.  Thankfully we have amazing role models, determination that won't quit, and most importantly a savior who loves us and wants to see our marriage last and have an impact on His kingdom.  Being married is hard work but as corny as it may be, the phrase --"I didn't say it would be easy; I said it would be worth it" comes to mind. And truth be told, oftentimes it is easy.  Joe is easy to love.  And as I always say, he's my rock. So steady and strong (not to mention a hundred other attributes...but then I'd just be bragging ;).  Anyway, I'm a lucky girl.  Hopefully he doesn't read this because he embarrasses easily! 

Joe and Tiff through the years....

graduation photoshoot. May 2009.

graduation again...

a friend's wedding, NYC, my birthday (in Texas), New  Years Eve, and our 4th anniversary.

Christmas tree shopping, our 1st Christmas, date night with friends, 1st vacation together (San Diego), hiking in the fall, NYC again (preggers with Genevieve), before a Celtics game in Boston, and Pulse St. Patty's Day bowling.

trip to Italy in 2008.

cruise with friends, graduation, San Diego again, visiting TX, a date in DC back in 2003!, a friend's wedding, before Robin Thicke concert, at the beach, and before a Counting Crows concert.

What do you do to celebrate your anniversary?!  Any marriage advice to share?!

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  1. These days we go to a really nice fancy dinner. We never really did gifts because we wanted to invest in something we could enjoy together so whether it's a nice dinner or weekend getaway we try to go that route instead.

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. That's exactly our thought process Tabitha! I'd rather spend the cash on quality time together. Thanks for stopping by! (and I love your 'about me' write up in blogger)!