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DIY Kid's Floor Cushion.

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When researching inexpensive pouf options for Nadia's nursery (can't remember if it was before or after I gave up the dream of a Moroccan Pouf), I came across this one on Living with Punks.  At the time I didn't have a sewing machine and hadn't sewn in nearly 10 years...and something told me it would be a tad more complex than my specialty back then--hair scrunchies. I didn't end up having time to make it but I saved it with the hopes of making it one day.  Well then Pinterest came along (or I should say I finally came to my senses and created a Pinterest account) and I pinned it.  And then, as so often is the case, forgot about it.

Enter Colleen Hamilton.  [As a side note I mentioned Colleen in the post about our adventures in homemade baby food.  And Meg mentioned her here.  And I mentioned her again here].  Anyway, from what I can gather, Colleen is one of those people who actually attempts what she pins.  Imagine that!  So she FB'd me to share her result.  And I'm so glad she did! I was suddenly re-inspired to try one myself! I'm slowly but surely working on Genevieve's big girl room and thought this would be a nice addition to it.  This project wasn't easy for a beginner seamstress.  And it certainly wasn't fast.  But I have to say I am super proud of myself for the final result (regardless of how novice-y it is upon close inspection!).  PS- I know adding a dash and a Y after a word doesn't make it a real word, but I can't help myself.

Here are some photos:

I love that this project only requires 1 yard of fabric!
batting and piping are required also but still not a bad total price (see end for breakdown).

final product

because I'm all about keepin it real- the toughest part for me- the blind stitch!

Some things I wish I'd known/Did:
  • How to measure and cut a perfect circle.  (seriously. any suggestions?).
  • Plan out all the "finishing" parts and put them all in the same place- in other words, seams on the sides, and where the piping comes together.  
  • Have a clear "front" and "back," "top," and "bottom"- I sorta did but next time I will make sure to plan all that out.
Cost for this project:
piping: $2 
Fabric: $6 (on sale from here)
Polyfill: $4.50 for 2 bags 
Total: $12.50 
and I have leftovers of everything which I always feel makes a project even cheaper...

Um I think that's it.  I will say that I'm pretty sure this is one of those projects that is toughest the first time around. I imagine next time it will be much easier.  And my cute friend Colleen has already made her 2nd one!!  Wasn't this my idea?!  ;)
Oh and if you are thinking "Are you crazy if you think I'm gonna attempt this DIY" then Living with Punks sells them here!  I think it'd make a fantastic gift!!  

What about you?  What challenging projects have you taken on lately?

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  1. Adorbs! I love it and that fabric is perfect. And I have to say it does NOT look like your first time. ;). Enjoy!

    1. thanks for checking it out Susan! And you are too kind ;) I'm sure my 2nd one will be much more polished! Yours are amazing!