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I Don't Know How She Does It.

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Ok, so for an amateur photographer, I'm pretty good.  But I don't know how she does it.  How does she take a ready-for-my-nap 11 month old and a I-know-I-cuddle-kiss-and-smile-all-the-time-at-home-but-I'm-gonna-show-you-who's-boss 2 year old and turn it into wonderful family photos?!  I don't know!  Who is "she?"  Melanie of Simply Mella.  If you remember our family photos from last year, you remember that I felt like there was no way she could have gotten so many great images.  I walked away feeling the same this year but reminding myself that Simply Mella is simply amazing!  Not only is she a wonderful photographer but she's passionate about what she does.  And it shows.  She's also super mellow.  It helped while Joe and I were corralling and cajoling the kids and trying our hardest to look like a happy family (I promise you, we really are happy!) instead of a bunch of stress balls which is how we felt at that particular moment.  If you haven't had family photos in a while, I encourage you to check out her site and her facebook page.  If you can find a free date book her (I told you last year to do it and you're kicking yourself for waiting aren't you?!)

Here are a few of my favorites:

I love these unique and casual family photos.  I don't think I'll be able to take photos in a studio ever again!
♥ this one- eyes closed and all!

My absolute fave!  Definitely going on a gallery wall as an 11*14!

Sweet moment captured- funny I didn't remember this cute kiss when I was reminiscing about Genevieve's "behavior."

I love the colors in this one.  And I do declare she looks like me. ;)

Be still my heart.

Sweet Nadi.

Classic Nadia.

Oh did I say "a few?"  hahaha. Yeah right.  There are tons more where those came from.  I just didn't want to bore you. ;)

Photography courtesy of Simply Mella. Thank you Melanie! You're the best!


  • Joe- Gap Polo and Gap cargos.
  • Tiff- Crochet Lace Trim Top, Coral Shirt from Forever 21 (not sold online but this one is very similar and so cute!), Belt from Target forever ago, and these amazing jeans (I feel young and skinny in them.  Enough said).
  • Genevieve- Old Navy T, petti romper shorts from here.  
  • Nadia- Lace Petti Romper from here.  <-- check them out; there is currently a deal on lace petti rompers! Tights from here.
  • Our hair flowers were from The Icing (in the mall).  I spent way more on hair jewelry than I'd care to admit! ;) The girls' pearls were from here. I paid $2 each for them years ago and have worn them so often (I also love to layer them with other necklaces).  Such a great deal! 
So are there any other photographers in the area that you love?  What tips do you have for taking successful family photos?  C'mon- spill!

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  1. I'm one of Mella's friends, and I popped over to your blog because she linked to it.

    Lady...your kids are ADORABLE! I could eat your daughter's cheeks!

    1. LOL. Thank you so much Katharine!! Her cheeks are totally chubby!! love it. And thanks for visiting the blog!!

  2. I loved these pix... never get tired of viewing them! Thanx for sharing! i get to see them grow! I also get to see yo and my nephew in law continue to grow! Love is such a pretty picture!