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I needed a change.  Kind of like this time.  Except this time I wanted it to be obvious that I got my hair cut.  (Last time I chose picture 5 and no one (except my dear co-author Megan) even noticed)! I wanted something edgy and cool.  Most likely because I am not edgy, nor am I cool.  But I can fake it right?  I'm also not modeling anymore--so I didn't have to worry about being "commercial." And I'm also not getting any younger.  So I thought I should embrace something fresh while I'm still young.  And it resulted in this.

What do you think?  The picture doesn't translate it perfectly. It's a little more "piece-y" in person.  I like it.  I sort of chickened out and didn't go quite as short as I wanted.  Take a look at my inspiration pictures at the end of the post...and tell me--do you think I should go even shorter next time?!  My stylist (who knows me well and whom I love) advised me to "live with this" for a little bit first.  Great advice.  My major concern was maintenance.  I don't have time to spend a half hour on my hair in the morning!  So I'm going to see what the maintenance is like on this and how it looks as it grows out before I go even shorter...

In the first photo I've tucked the long piece behind my ear. In this one I left it out. (Oh and a con against short hair/no bangs-- I actually have to tweeze my eyebrows on a regular basis.  Can you tell how crazy they are in this photo?!)

Side views--looks a little Carol Brady in the top shot but I think it's just the angle. Speaking of the top photo, I've recently discovered that unsightly dark spot near my chin/lip. Any suggestions for a product I can use to lighten that?  ew!

And here was my inspiration:

I liked this but not so heavy...

I was VERY tempted to go with this...maybe next time?

Totally wasn't ready to shave my head. 

Of course this one would have been the most work...but I LOVE it.  Another issue- my hair texture is nothing like Halle's so I wasn't sure how it would translate.

Ok, spill- what would you change about your hair if you could?  And what beauty product will erase that gross dark spot on my chin?  

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  1. Replies
    1. Brittaney, I LOVE you! I knew you'd comment (on the blog) when I posted this. I got tons of comments on FB but people are scared of commenting on the blog for some reason. Thank you for loving it! :)

    2. I love it! It is edgy, sexy pretty and fun!!!!!You got it all lady. You are rocking it! You look fabulous!!!!

  2. Omg Tiffany, you ROCK this girl! I loveeee what your doing with it! Next stop.....COLOR!!! lol..xoxo..

    1. lol. don't tempt me!! Thanks for not letting me talk myself out of it. ;)

  3. Oh my you look like a model... ;)Honey try ambi! Tip use it LIGHTLY once a day all over face neck and hands wash off at night and apply ambi lotion over ENTIRE BODY!Do this til your complexion evens out then use cocoa butter all over! REAL cocoa butter!