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Nadia's Circus Party: Smash Cake.

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Ok ladies and gents, this is the 2nd to last installment of Nadia's Party Posts.  This post might be my favorite though.  Because as overboard as I tend to go with first birthday parties...all the fun decor and yummy food means nothing if not for this. adorable. moment.  CAKE TIME.  Check this out:


I shared this photo (above) in black and white in one of my first party posts.  It's definitely one of my favorite photos of the day.  So gorgeous!

So while I didn't take too many photos at her birthday party you know I had to whip out the camera and snap away with miss Jordan at this point.  I was surprised that I actually took a few keepers. Here are some of my faves:

Sweet girl looking up at mama.

Pretty sure I featured this one before.  Or did I?  It's one of my favorites!

The big picture.

 It just feels so right.

I love this one for two reasons: 1. It showcases her pretty birthday hat.  2. She has that "I'm so full but I have to finish this cake" look on her face.  Simply adorable.

 Oh my Nadi!

Loved her tulle hat so much.

Those pink crumbs look so cute against the blue highchair.  And clearly I can't get enough of the tulle pom on her hat!

and back to Jordan's amazing photos:

This might have been the cutest part of the party.  And the one thing the wind didn't nearly destroy (The wind knocked down (and broke) my Ferris wheel cupcake holder, made my food labels irrelevant, and prevented me from hanging my gorgeous ruffled streamers and pom pom fringe. Yes, I'm a teeny bit bitter).

You may remember her "exotic sea" painted highchair from this post.  I love how the color turned out. Perfect! The bunting was one of those details I really wanted and put together at the last minute.  It was really easy.  My one regret is that I should have made it more secure with brads rather than twine--At some point it ripped (I actually have photographic proof of which kid [accidentally] ripped it but I'm not telling ;) 

 I am scarred for life after Genevieve's first birthday.  I didn't really make sure the cake cutting would be the best photo op and I will forever regret the background of those pictures (as in, a small TV, a box of Velveeta  and someone's half eaten cup of mashed potatoes from the potato bar).  Are you noticing a pattern--yeah I kind of can't let things go! But hey, you live and you learn!

My sister-in-law made this beautiful banner.  I love that she used a scallop edge which made it a little different than most pennant banners.  Because I was too cheap  busy to run out for brads, I used ribbon but I ended up loving it so much more.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

My inspiration for this cake was this one.  Just a note: the gumballs faded a bit overnight; If you decorate a cake with gumballs, add them at the last minute (or after it's not going to be refrigerated any longer).

Notice how the flags are crazy now?  Damn wind.

Ok, so the middle layer was supposed to be turquoise.  Instead it sorta looks like an African country's flag (I don't know which country in Africa exactly).  That's what I get for not spending the extra buck on turquoise food coloring and trying to make it by mixing classic colors.  Oh and then I bought the turquoise food coloring and told myself I'd re-make the middle layer.  And then I faced reality (i.e. no time for mistakes!).  

  I love this cake.  I loved them both actually.  I'm not really good at baking or decorating cakes. Like at all.  So I was really impressed that I pulled off these two.  I know they're not very intricate, but for me, it was quite the feat!

The inspiration for this cake was this one.  And remember the DIY cupcake stand?  Well when I went to place it on top I just couldn't do it! I just knew it would smush the cake and then fall off!  So I went with my gut and forwent that little detail.  It still looks pretty cute though right?!

Singing happy birthday to my pumpkin.

Her first taste...

Couldn't light the candle due to the wind.  It was a cute candle though huh?

Close up after Nadia had gotten to it.

 Fuzzy Nadi in the background...

What a cute family photo (if I do say so myself).

Nadia watching Genevieve "sneak" some cake.  

Loved this little guy girl!  I couldn't find the mini paper mache animals anywhere (Michael's had some but they were farm animals) but I actually ended up liking this better.  The toy just matched the tone of the party better.  I love it when that happens! 

 And we're done.  LOVE this shot (I know--I love them all!)!  And I love that you can see the red ribbon that was hidden by the cute cake ruffle.  It's the little things...

Nadia's Smash Cake outfit (did you think I'd let her eat cake in her custom dress?): see this post.
Nadia's Birthday hat: I used a leftover tulle pom from Genevieve's party, trimmed it down and glued it to a party hat.  I made the hat with plain pink cardstock.  I got the ric rac from Joann's Fabric and the pom from the Dollar Tree (but they had the exact same brand of poms at Michael's).
High Chair: I posted a wanted ad at my [then] company's internal bulletin board and a woman gave it to me!  She said she used it when she was little. :) I painted it with exotic sea spray paint from Lowes.
Cake ruffle: Left over from Genevieve's party (I never used it), but I got it from here.
Mini Cake Stand: Christmas Tree Shop (it came with the red ribbon).
High Chair Pennant: I made it with scrapbook paper.  I didn't use a pattern just measured and cut.  I attached it with twine but as I mentioned brads would have been better.
Balloons: iParty for the helium ones, Wal-Mart for those tied to the fence.  Except the red polka dot ones.  Those were from here.
Banner: Made by my sister-in-law.  
Gumballs: HomeGoods.
Mini Bunting on Cake: Download {FREE} here.
Paper Straws: Hey Yo Yo.
Big Cake Stand: Thrift store (plus 4 plates with ribbon slots) for $5! Local ladies, you must check out Savers thrift store if you haven't already!
Elephant Cake Topper: From here.
Elephant's Tutu: I made it by tying strips of tulle around a rubber band. I planned to trim it but I kind of liked it crazy. 
"1" Candle: Wal-Mart.  
Photography: Captured.

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  1. Very cute photos! Are you reselling the high-chair? I am looking for one for my son's first birthday party :) and this one is quite... PERFECT!