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The [almost] Quickest DIY EVER.

8:35 PM

I had the post half written in my mind. I'd say things like "seriously, in 30 minutes, you have a beautiful new chair!" or "THIS is why I love spray paint."  And then I used the sealer/top coat.  And then I started re-thinking the blog post.  Maybe I should start at the beginning.

My daughter has a thing for chairs.  I don't judge her.  I have a thing for shoes.  She picked this cute one out at a yard sale.  I'm pretty sure the homeowner was a hoarder.  There were TONS of toys--lots of Barbie paraphernalia, Bratz dolls, and all kinds of other stuff.  My little angel picks a $2 forest green wooden chair out of the mess.  I love her.  She didn't ask me to paint it but I knew how adorable it would be in a fun color. I considered pink.  She asked for yellow.  We settled on aqua.

I was at Home Depot anyway buying stuff for a future furniture re-do that I can't wait to start share with you!  I walked past the spray paint aisle and this can of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover in Aqua jumped off the shelf and into my cart. Just like that.  I've been going to Lowes more lately so I haven't used Rust-Oleum in a while. But I know other spray painters swear by it.  I decided to give it a whirl today and was SO Pleased! It was soooo quick.  The coverage is definitely better than your average can of spray paint.  I was seriously coming up with my blog post titles as I sprayed.  It was literally a 30 minute (maybe) job.  And then I added a clear top coat (Valspar).  And I don't know what happened.  The reddish stain (that was under the green paint) started seeping through.  I tried not to panic.  I waited to see if it would seep through everywhere or just the few spots I was noticing.  It was so hard to be patient instead of making the problem worse by doing something stupid.

After a few minutes, I realized it wasn't coming through anywhere else and it was really the same places I'd noticed the red stain before I began painting.  So I re-painted those sections with the Rust-Oleum and it turned out fine.  And in reality only added an extra 5 minutes to my super fast chair re-do.  But it just proves my theory that there really is no such thing as a super easy DIY (even this one is totally rusted now!).  But it was worth it right?!  Let this be a lesson to prime first.  Always.  I usually do but darn my impatience!

My impatience is rearing its ugly head yet again because I can't wait to take a photo of Genevieve or Nadia in the chair and then blog it.  That would mean waiting an entire 24 hours while it "cures."  No. I must show you now.
And even though I used a filter, the picture is true to color.  Once I take pictures of the girls in it, I'll definitely share because it's hard to tell the scale of the chair in this shot.  It's really a cute shape --with a high back and curvy arms that kind of wrap around the girls.  So cute!  Stay tuned...

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