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Nadia's Circus Party: The Birthday Girl.

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I searched. and searched. and searched. for the perfect dress for Nadia to wear to her circus party.  And I absolutely LOVE the one she wore.  I fell a little short when it came to shoes.  oops.  I really wanted her to wear these.  And I wanted to make her a bow like this.  Oh well.  She still looked adorable.  Didn't she?

{sources at the end of post}

the birthday GIRL:

Not sure if you can see the little girl on the elephant on her dress...but she is light brown with curly hair.  Just like Nadia.

 So I didn't make a beautiful bow...This one looks just fine.  And cost me $2.80 from Forever 21. And that dress...

A little clowning around.

 I love this little face!

And even though I didn't take many great pictures, I did take this one...and I think it's pretty great. 
Nadia opening gifts.

and the birthday girl's FAMILY:
Nadia with her big sister Genevieve.

Nadia and Daddy.

Nadia with mommy.  My sister-in-law took this shot!  I emailed her saying "wow, fresh makeup and everything!"  I can't believe I paused long enough for this.  

This is one of my favorite shots of the day!

Our little family.

I know I said I'd do a "source" post later, but let's be honest.  It could be MUCH later.  So here are some 


Photography (except noted): Captured
Nadia's beautiful dress: Jemi's Boutique.
Nadia's hair flower: Forever 21.
Mine and Genevieve's hair accessory: The icing.
My shirt: Old Navy (sold out but I love this one!).
My red jeans: Old Navy.
Joe's shirt: (yes it's the same one from these photos--what can we say?  We love it): Gap.
Genevieve and Nadia's elephant T-shirts: Wal-Mart (they are long gone but I actually got Genevieve's from eBay and Nadia's in the store (for $1!)  Also, Wal-Mart had them last year so they may have them again next summer).
The girls' tiered ruffle skirts: Sam's club (of all places!), but how about this one?


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  1. I didn't realize all the outfits and accessories were so cheap! Loved them all!

    1. thank you friend! You haven't figured out how cheap I am yet?! ;)