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Cute Kids' Fashion- All New!

12:58 PM

Have you heard about Heidi Klum's new fashion line for kids?  As if she wasn't already rockin our worlds with her "Loved" and "Lavish" maternity lines.  She's at it again--this time with "Truly Scrumptious"--an adorable, fashionable, and fun line for bebes of all stages.  It debuts at Babies-R-Us in stores and online today.  Check out these cool duds:

I don't have a boy but you can bet if I did, I'd be donning him in these cute & bright clothes.  I love the idea of a little one wearing the sweatshirt to his "monster" themed birthday party [yes I can always tie anything to a party theme].

Printed denim for my mini-me (i.e. Genevieve)?  Yes please!  I love those, the cool sneaks, and the updated, more modern tutu.  LOVE.

What's your favorite kids' clothing line, or brand?  

Happy Saturday!

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