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Christmas Time.

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Just wanted to stop in to share some miscellaneous Christmas photos with you: 

1. Ornament wreath.  Every year I feel overwhelmed with the thought of Christmas decorating and crafts.  I am not great at decorating for the holidays!  Add Pinterest and the feelings of inadequacy get a little crazy!  So this year I decided to choose just ONE craft, shell out the cash on supplies, and take an after-bedtime-block (or two) to get it done! Ever since I painted my front door yellow, the traditional green and red just didn't work.  I had a hard time getting my wreath to be perfectly round and my hanger is showing a bit but overall I LOVE it and definitely want to make another next year! In case you're interested, I used this tutorial.
2. My little girls in their Christmas PJs.  One of a few photoshoots I tried.  If you have kids you know how hard it is to get those perfect pictures in the moment!  Last Easter was the first time I actually had a little dress rehearsal and took photos of them beforehand and I wondered why I hadn't done that before!  They had lots of "Christmas attire," but I tried to stick to a few outfits and get some cute pictures without the pressure of an event or bedtime, looming.
3. Just a little glimpse into why I'm AWOL.  I'm having fun in the snow.  My mom and I did a winter-y photo shoot. It was so fun and I was totally being inspired by her.  I'll have to share some more of these photos with you because I'm quite proud of the end result.  I got some really great shots of my mama!
4. My napkin wring of a jingle bells ornament and a blue glittery ornament.  I loved and was inspired by this post over on Live the Fancy Life.
5. I love the idea of using all white wrapping with fun embellishmentsI had leftover tulle from this project and ribbon from a couple of years ago. So pretty!
6. This modern chevron paper was only $1 at Target!  I got the ribbon for 75% off at Michael's after Christmas last year. And though I had tons of gorgeous free printable gift tags my $@%& printer isn't working (yes I am fake cursing because I'm mad) so I got these pretty snowflake tags from Target.

1. Another ornament wreath shot.  
2. One more Christmas PJs photo.  (Candy as a bribe prop is so cute)!
3. Ornament mobile.  I loved this!  It's basically just shatterproof ornaments (though you could use glass as long as you secure them well) on fishing line. Pretty, inexpensive, and simple!
4. How cute are sock monkeys?  They can seem boy-ish but this was a perfect little stocking stuffer for Nadia and an itty bitty way to get my sock monkey fix (and it can't seem boy-ish peeking out of a white and silver ruffle stocking now can it?!).
5. Last year I used lots of kraft paper and twine with pretty free printable gift tags from her.  This year I went with lots of red and a little modernity.  Real ribbon always classes up a present and if you get it on clearance, it can be cheaper than the fake stuff!

Gift Wrapping Tips (Christmas & always):
Oh and as far as wrapping goes, it didn't seem worth a full post after Christmas passed but I have to say--for pretty, classy, and inexpensive gift wrapping, here are my tips:
1. Use candy/candy canes.  Use twine.  Use tulle.  Those are all inexpensive and pretty! 
2. Buy real ribbon after Christmas or during clearance sales.  
3. Think outside the traditional green and red box (I often use pink, red, aqua, royal blue, gold, silver, lime green, etc).  Oh and just in case you're wondering I don't use real ribbon on the kids' gifts.  It's just not worth it. ;)

Mostly more of the same!  

I didn't intend for this to be so long but I hope you enjoyed it and were inspired...for next year. ;) 

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