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Free Small Toy Storage.

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Nadia's new blocks came in a little muslin bag that didn't close.  Really, Wonder toys? You couldn't have added a little piece of Velcro?  I needed to think of something to keep them in.  I love the look of her blocks and figured something clear would be cute.  Though I have about 50 glass vessels of some sort, glass isn't the best idea for a nursery.  (Can I still call it that even though she's 16 months, climbing, running, and talking?!).  Well when looking around the house I came across an old animal cracker container I'd saved.  It was a good size and I figured I could use it for something down the road.  

Of course the "Market Pantry" logo wasn't exactly the look I was going for so I figured I could take the stickers off and just go with that.  And then, I tried.  No luck.  I'd read about the peanut butter trick before but--and I know this sounds ridiculous-- I just didn't relish the idea of using pricey and messy peanut butter to get the stickers off.  I'm aware that this makes me sound like the biggest cheapskate of ALL time.  But I assure you, I'm busy spending my hard earned cash elsewhere, like baby Gap for example.  Anyway, I had leftover contact paper from lining Genevieve's dresser so I decided to use that.  I covered the labels in white paper first and then measured and cut the contact paper.  And that's it.

If you don't have any contact paper lying around, consider these alternatives:
1. Use scrapbook paper or gift wrap + adhesive (like I did for this project).
2. Run to HomeGoods or TJ Maxx and grab some.  It was $4 on clearance (from $5.99) and literally every time I've visited either of those stores, they've had some in stock.  
3. Don't be cheap and lazy like me and smear peanut butter on the container to get the sticker residue off.

And in case you're wondering, these blocks were one of Nadia's Christmas gifts.  I didn't splurge on the ones I mentioned in this post, but I love this set! They're not ultra modern but a bit fresher than traditional blocks.  I got them from Zulily but you can find them here.

Enjoy your free small toy storage! 

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