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Pinterest Inspired Outfit {On the Cheap}.

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I'm over on Tall Snob today with a Pinterest inspired outfit.  I love Pinterest for so many reasons--chief among them, it helps me mix and match my wardrobe in ways I may not have thought of before.  But I have to admit, sometimes I see something there that I wouldn't necessarily buy (and isn't already inhabiting my closet) and then it looks so good on that girl, that I become obsessed with finding an affordable lookalike.  That's how it was with my basil pesto cords.  (Check out this post to see the pinned outfit and my lookalike purchase).  Anyway, I've been dying--yes literally dying-- for a pair of gray jeans for like ever and when I saw the pair I featured below, I immediately thought of this pinned image and went for it.  Oh and now you know my secret.  You have to pinkie swear that every time I wear something cute (which is soooo often ;) you won't think I copied the look from Pinterest.  Thank you. 

This outfit was created for us tall chicas but the items are available in regular sizes.  (The shoes are only available in sizes 11-15 but check out my peep toe pair below).

Women's the Rockstar Animal Print Jeans. $15.97 (Yes I bought them).
Boxy Tunic. $36.00

*affordable is so relative isn't it?!  I can't remember the last time I spent $177 on one outfit (certainly not all at one time)!  That said, I think most of us can agree that $16 for a pair of jeans is pretty darn affordable. And aren't the jeans what made this outfit stand out in the first place?

For those of you with "regular" sized feet, check out this pair:

And just for fun, a side by side:

Hope you were pinspired.  hee hee.

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