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5 Ideas for Keeping Track of Baby Milestones {and a peek at Nadia's Baby Book}.

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Whenever I'm too busy to blog, I usually ask myself what's keeping me so busy and that's how I come up with a post when I finally have a few minutes.  I'll go through a list which looks something like this:
No one cares unless I have a magical remedy or method. My God I wish I did. 
kid stuff? 
Usually not fun nor pretty...or too revealing (maybe I'll save it for this series). 
writing for Tall Clothing Mall
To be honest, you all don't seem too interested in that topic judging from my numbers. Perhaps because I'm the only giant in the bunch?

But usually there's something that pops into my mind-- soon it'll be cute gift wrapping options, a fun memo board, and something I can't share quite yet (!), but today it's Nadia's one year book. 

Rather than just share the Shutterfly book I made her, I thought I'd also share a few ideas for keeping track of memories and milestones.  It's not absolutely necessary to include them; you can always just use photos.  But I find it adds a nice personal touch and as your baby grows into a toddler he will love reading about himself!  So here they are:
1. Keep notes on your phone.
I've done this for awhile.  It's awesome because my phone is almost always with me.  The one con: I lost a lot of notes/details when I had to restore my phone out of the blue.  As is the case with all technology, it can sometimes fail us. That said, I still do it.  Supposedly it's all backed up now but I still try to remember to email it to myself every so often.
2. Add details to the photos you post on Facebook. 
This saved me when my cell notes failed me.  About halfway through Nadia's month by month album I started adding little summaries of milestones she'd reached in addition to general thoughts about the phase we were in.  It's so much more detailed and meaningful when you're not grasping at straws trying so hard to remember.  I can't remember what happened yesterday never mind 6 months ago. Mommy brain anyone?
3. Blog (or journal) life in general.
I'm not as great at blogging the personal stuff. Though each post typically contains a glimpse into my world, the main theme is usually more lifestyle vs. dear diary.  But I am so glad I took the time to write this post and have read it and re-read it. Your blog doesn't even have to be advertised.  It can just be something you (and maybe family?) read.  And if you're not technically savvy--though blogging for fun doesn't really require much-- here's your excuse to buy one of those fab journals I'm always seeing at Marshall's or TJ Maxx.

4. Set up an email account for your little one and send messages to it from time to time. 
Do you ever get an overwhelming desire to freeze time?  For me it often happens at bedtime.  When I'm reading to Genevieve and she's cuddling me and just being so sweet...or when she says things like "I can't stop loving you," as she did one night.  When you have that sentimental sappy moment, stop and send an email to your little one telling him just how you feel about him as a [insert age here] baby.  At some point you could print them off, or just give him the account information when he's older.  I can't take credit for this idea. A friend of mine and her husband do this for their sweet daughter.

5. Use a real baby book.  As in, a simple one like mine.
This one is like "duh." But in our current Etsy and Pinterest obsessed superstar mama culture, it might be lost on some of us!  If making books is an overwhelming thought, just buy one! Even filling those out takes time, but at least you don't have to worry about all the effort/creativity that goes into making one from scratch.  And it forces you to print photos which I'm actually a fan of since I have a zillion photos. on my computer.  You can also add momentos more easily like printouts from the doctor's office, birthday party invitations, and that first lock of hair. 

In summary:
I'm definitely not an expert on this stuff.  The only reason I could quickly come up with five ideas is because I do them ALL. I have random notes and memories everywhere (I have mentioned that organization is not my strong suit right?).  But here's the moral of the story: jotting down notes in a spiral notebook is better than writing nothing at all. If you're anything like me, the desire to do things perfectly can paralyze you to the point where you don't do anything at all. Don't succumb to the pressure. Just start somewhere!

And now, here's Nadia's book. Bear in mind that I just finished this "first year" book and she will be two in less than three months.  See? Totally not perfection!

Click here to view this photo book larger
Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at Shutterfly.com.

An ideas I should add?

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  1. This is really helpful. I'm terrible at keeping track of things. Facebook and my blog probably have the most info and thank goodness for Instagram. Definitely appreciate the simplicity of some of these. Thank you!

    1. oh yes- forgot about IG. Glad it's helpful! It's scary how poor my memory is these days.