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Another Pretty Diaper Cake.

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Remember this post: A Modern Take on a Baby Shower Classic?  Well I made another pretty diaper cake forever ago. I made sure to take process photos and then proceeded to forget all about it!  But I figure it's never too late to share inspiration.  I don't even know if diaper cakes are still "in." Regardless, I still find them adorable...and a cute way to give the gift of diapers--a gift every mama can use.
I used the 'champagne bottle in the middle of a bunch of rolled diapers' method again for making the cake.  Since this couple doesn't drink I swapped the champagne for a sparkling beverage.  Besides, I've never been good at figuring out drinking and nursing so a sparkling drink is a safe choice. 


I learned something about myself here.  Rolling diapers is therapeutic.  Seriously.  Try it. 
Now comes the fun part: decorating the cake!
I used the same receiving blanket approach as last time.  And pretty much the same "formula" of onesie, pacifiers, booties, faux floral, ribbon, and a fun embellishment.  I love that it's so easy to tailor to the recipients style and current trends that way.  How cute would it be to use a really fun and unique onesie from Etsy as décor? Anyway, the mama-to-be was decorating her little girl's nursery using lavender and she and her husband had a thing for frogs.  I honestly don't know the backstory there, but I really wanted to use frogs in the 'design,' of the cake. 

You can imagine my delight at finding girlie foggy stuff!  That can't happen everyday can it?!

Something about lavender just seems to go with butterflies. I'm not much of a lavender girl myself but I love the whimsical approach when using the color.

and the big picture:
I really like how it turned out and I think she did too.  To see the link to the tutorial I used, as well as items to have on hand and tips for making a diaper cake so be sure to check it out the original post here.
Have you gone to any baby showers recently?  What fun gift did you bring?

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  1. That is super cute! Way cuter than the ones where you can see the diapers. Love it!

    1. I was so psyched to find a more 'modern' alternative to the typical ones. and using receiving blankets you can make it fit your style so easily!

  2. Tiffany- OMG!!! This is beautiful!!! Way to go with your crafty self!!!