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What's Your Idea of Family Fun?

10:09 AM

Those of you who are my Facebook friends (or real life friends) know I take a pretty insane amount of photos.  Why?  I love photography and cultivating my skills, my kids are fairly cooperative, and though I'm biased, pretty cute,  I'm home with them, and I love documenting and writing.  So all of that leads to 1000s of photos a month! I try to post my faves to Facebook since that makes it so easy to keep up with friends and family who are far away, like all of my family is.  And if I'm being honest: It's sort of a crazy addiction too...like I feel "behind," if I have photos to edit/share that I haven't yet posted.  Which is totally ridiculous but I have a few friends out there who are so feelin me (you know who you are!).  While going through May and June photos I realized we did a few fun activities as a family during that time frame and wanted to share them here on Taste{Full}.  I don't often share personal photos but I personally love to see them on the others' blogs.  Plus and I'm always looking for ideas for activities suitable for young families.  So here's what's keeping us entertained lately:
{note on the photos: my lack of tech skills makes it impossible to resize these. For some of the images, if I choose "X-large" they're too big and don't display properly.  If you want to see them bigger just click on the photo and a slideshow will appear.}

A Trip to a Local Fair:
This one was small and although it was the end of May the weather was cold and windy!  But there's a fair we go to every fall that I look forward to all summer!

 Roasting Marshmallows in the Back Yard:
Have you tried this?  We bought this very inexpensive chimnea a few years ago and love to roast marshmallows in it.  The kids LOVE it!

A Trip to the Lake:
There's a lake 5 minutes from our house.  It's not a "hang out all day" type of lake because you can't swim in it, but that actually makes it an easier activity.  We go, we may eat lunch or dinner there, and often just spend an hour or so walking the trails.

Heading to the Beach:
This was perfect because the weather had been sort of crappy, the high was only in the 70s, and we went early.  Therefore the beach wasn't crowded and I got the chance to snap photos till my heart's content.

Evening bonfire + Sparklers:
My sister-in-law (the one who threw the fab football party) invited us over father's day weekend for a fun night of roasting marshmallows and lighting sparklers.  What inexpensive and family friendly fun.  And all the kiddos (8 in total) had a blast.

Race + Ribs:
Joe would run a race every weekend if he could.  I'm not a fan of having every weekend occupied by races but the ones that have family activities are a win for everyone.  This "Rib Fest 5 Miler" came with free entrance into the rib fest.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the delectable ribs we experienced that day.  mmmm.

and lastly: a couple of activities that I did with the girls-- sans Joe:

Strawberry Picking:
I went to Parlee farm with two friends (and our 5 kids) and let me just say it was a bit crazy.  These toddlers didn't quite get the "picking" aspect.  The "sampling" piece--that they totally got.  Oh and the top right photo and 2 beneath it were taken by the talented Jordan of Captured. Nh. photography.

Dress Up:
This we do all the time.  I'll be so sad when this phase is over. 

So those are some of the fun activities that have kept us busy over the past month or so.  What ideas do you have for inexpensive family fun?

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