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Cute and Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas.

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Recently I came across a couple of posts on easy gift wrapping ideas for kiddos.  I loved both and imitated one, and wanted to share.  I have always loved gift wrapping and trying to think of simple but pretty ideas to make a gift stand out.  It's sort of silly since most of the time it will be thrown away...but I just can't help myself.  It's the aesthetic lover in me.

The first post was this one from Jones Design Company.
I pinned her pretty "candy" idea months ago.  Make sure to visit her site for detailed step by step instructions.  It's easy, inexpensive, and I had everything on hand.  Here are my copy cat versions:

How cute though right?  Genevieve literally thought it was candy :)

The second  cute gift wrap idea I stumbled across was this one from Live the Fancy Life.
Before you think "Wait, but what if I don't want to spend the extra $6-$10 on a pretty basket for a gift?"  I know you'll think it because you read Taste{Full} which means you're at least a tiny bit frugal. But think about it-- Can't you incorporate the cost into your budget for the gift?  Especially if the container is something the recipient can use or registered for?  And if you're a person who'll spend $6 on a pretty gift bag and $2 on tissue paper, a basket might actually save you cash! I have this one (in pink of course) and it cost me $5 or $6. And seriously, look how cute is it?!

Here are several of other ideas:
1- Use tulle instead of tissue paper.  This is perfect for bridal showers but can work for any gift really.  It also looks especially pretty wrapped around items and then placed in a basket.  I did this for a bridal shower and i'm not gonna lie; I enjoyed the oohs and ahs over the presentation.  Yes I'm that insecure. I wish I had a photo but I can't find one.  Grr.  Anyway, I bought a bolt like this one (below) in ivory and it has lasted me through many a projects!
2. add a little fun embellishment to the ribbon.  Last year, I went to child's birthday a few days after Christmas. I added a little inexpensive plastic bulb (the kind you get in bulk at Target in fun colors) and it gave it that pizzazz I was looking for.
3. Use real ribbon.  Buy it on clearance or from the dollar store.  It makes SUCH a difference and again if your'e spending $3 on a paper one on your way to the party, it can actually be less expensive.  One spool of ribbon lasts forever if that's all you're using it for.
4. Use a basket like Jessica did--or some other type of container.  For a bridal shower I once used a bowl the couple had registered for and then put fun stuff inside (spoons, spatulas, pasta, etc).  I love stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods for pretty baskets but keep your eyes open for other "containers" you could use. For instance, laundry baskets for a housewarming or bridal shower, a canvas bin that can double as toy storage for a little one, a trendy hamper for a college grad...the possibilities are endless!

I discussed other gift wrapping tips and tricks here.

Do you enjoy gift wrapping?  Or are you a 'throw-it-in-a-bag-and-hope-I-get-the-tissue-paper-fold-right,' type of person?  Which by the way I've done plenty of times!  Do tell...

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  1. I def love to do nice gift wrapping. The basket reminded me of the one I made nadia :)

    1. Erica, I was JUST thinking of how thoughtful that basket was as I was putting nadia's mini board books in it tonight! :) Thanks for commenting on the post! :)

  2. I hate gift wrapping, but these are some great ideas!

    1. so does Joe Brittaney. I can see him sweating and cursing me as he does it--usually moments before we leave for a party! whereas matter how late we are, I'm running around looking for tulle or ribbon! ;)