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Kale Quickie.

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First of all- is "quickie" inherently a sexy word?  Or did I just make it that in my mind?  Clearly I don't mean it that way for this post.  It's kale...quickly as well as a short and quick post. I tried kale chips a while ago and liked them.  But Joe called them smelly chips and I quickly became too lazy to make them.  Fast forward a year (or so?) and I've made them 3 times this week.

What else can you eat that crunchy and salty and healthy?  Not much falls into that category.  I'm actually not much of a chip person (other than Santitas tortilla chips which I could LIVE on). I prefer sweet over salty.  But sometimes I just crave something chip-like.  Other than Santitas and ice-cream you won't find many snack foods in my home.  There's plenty of unhealthy habits you will find (lots of cheese for example) but I figure if I win the battle at the grocery store, I win the battle period.  There evenings when I want something "bad." like every evening I usually end up eating popcorn.  If I had Oreos in the cabinet, what are the chances I'd choose popcorn?  I digress. I just wanted to quickly encourage you to try kale chips if you haven't already! I recently saw kale named as one of "12 Foods Every Nutritionist Eats." I was even more convinced.

I've had two conversations recently about kale.  The first phone convo with my bff:
"What were you taking out of the oven?"
"kale chips"
"Are those good?"
"They taste like kale chips."
"Why would you eat them?"
"Because they satisfy the craving of crunchy and salty and they're healthy.  And if you expect them to taste like kale chips they're good; if you expect them to taste like potato chips, they're not."
[silence]: Perhaps she was pondering?

The next:
"Sorry I don't have any yummy snacks" [Hey I was just proud of us for getting together at the last minute with 3 kids, three and under!]..."unless you want kale chips."
"I'll pass...Do you like them?"
"As much as you can like kale chips...
It's an acquired taste" [are you noticing that I think I'm funny?].

I hope I'm not always like this but to me, "good" healthy is different than just "good." It's like "fun" compared to "fun with kids."  Do I like kale chips? Yes.  Do I like them in the same way I like full fat cookies and cream ice-cream?" No.  But eating better (which is a goal of mine) requires baby steps!

Fast forward to this text conversation:
So, yeah, I like kale chips.  You will too eventually.

How to make them?
If you want a real "recipe," click here.  I just take a few handfuls (they cook down a lot), pour a little olive oil on them right on a cookie sheet, massage the olive oil into them, add spices to taste, and done.  Usually I add a McCormick's Grill Mates blend and/or garlic and season salt. I bake at 400 for 8-10 minutes (or 15 minutes in the case of the burnt chips). ;)
Let me know if you try them!  Oh and this wasn't as short as I intended.  Oops.

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  1. This post made me laugh. It started with quickie and ended with massaging them so...just sayin' ;) I'll have to try them next time!

    1. LOL! Check your e-mail for my non public response. ;) You are hilarious!