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Party Week + Nadia's Custom Book Themed Invitation.

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I can't believe it's party week!  I'm a little nervous that my to-do list is still fairly long...and it's dawning on me that other than Nadia's circus party, this one might be the most elaborate one I've thrown.  How did that happen?! I was so proud to plan a simple 2nd birthday party for Genevieve with a few creative touches; how did I let myself go crazy with this one [she asks ruefully]?!  I'm also really excited though.  I've been crafting my little heart out and there will be lots of cute little details to share with you in the coming weeks! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this adorable invitation.

Remember Nadia's custom circus invitation?  Well my sister in law is at it again!  We designed this lovely library/book themed invitation and I'm so happy with how it turned out!
 I've told you how indecisive I am right?  I couldn't decide whether I liked twine or washi tape better.  So of course I randomly used both.  Now that I see it in photos, I definitely like the tape better.  I think I used more twine.  Of course.
I really wanted to use real library cards but hand stamping 20 cards seemed...stupid.  Lucky for me my SIL is the the bomb (I know, totally aging myself using that expression) so she created one and even "faded" the paper to make it look more authentic.  Love that.
And now for a mini commercial.*  I got the glassine bags from here.  I loved working with them!  They were responsive and switched some options out for me so that I could get what I needed without spending extra dough.  They also have tons of cute packaging/crafting supplies (treat bags, paper embellishments, twine, etc) at very reasonable prices so go check them out! You can find them on etsy here or their own domain here--complete with a 15% off coupon!
Someone asked if the invite idea was original (thank you Pinterest for making that a relevant question).  I'm happy to  say it was! I mean obviously I'm not the first girl to use a library card as an invite for a book party (duh) but the whole glassine bag/library card pocket/library card/layered approach--all me. (remember this snippet on finding inspiration?).  However, I have to give credit where it's due. When I was searching for library cards I came across the image above from wrapworks and knew immediately what I wanted to do! So thank you wrapworks for the amazing product and inspiration!  You never know when inspiration will strike!

Ok- one last thing. If you want to see a few fun party sneak peeks follow me on Instagram and/or search #partyplanningmama.

disclosure: After spending some cash at wrapworks, they donated one product toward Nadia's party.  However they did not ask me to write this post. I just love their stuff and working with them and am all about sharing good finds (I mean, who wants to spend hours searching on etsy when you can have my personal recommendation?! ;).  Of course all opinions are my own.  

Invitation- Christy DeLangie (etsy shop coming soon!)
Glassine bag and adhesive library card pocket- wrapworks
twine- can't remember-- Very Jane, Pick Your Plum, or GroopDealz
washi tape- pick your plum

Ok, back to the grind!  Stay tuned for party peeks next week!  And pray for no rain, pretty please?!

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  1. This is beyond adorable. I never do much for invitations, but wow! This is inspiring!