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4 Fun Ways to Use Dollar Store Water Balloons.

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I don't know about you but I love it when people think of cute ways to use cheap stuff. Tissue poms anyone? Tassel Garland?  Ruffled Streamers?  When I can take something from the dollar store and use it in a cute way, it makes my heart happy.  Today I bring you four fun ways to use water balloons.  You can get 100 water balloons from Dollar Tree in a handful of bright colors.  Can't beat the value.  First up:
1. A birthday photo shoot.  It's rare to find a prop that kiddos like that's also cute. 

2. A cake topper.  I'm not great at decorating cakes so I'm all about bunting and other non icing related cake toppers.  I first saw this in an issue of Martha Stewart Living and vowed to copy it one day. In case you're interested this mint chocolate chip cake was DELICIOUS.  I used this recipe for the icing and ganache, (my cake was a box mix). 

3. Gift wrap embellishment.  I've discussed my affection for wrapping gifts before.  I loved adding balloons + real ribbon to spice up an otherwise ordinary wrapping job.  

4. Balloon Banner.  My graphic design skills aren't exactly top notch so I tend toward handmade banners.  It doesn't get cheaper or easier than this one!  I used 5 of these mini balloon banners for Nadia's book party.  I added photos but it would be super cute without!  One word of caution: If you make them ahead of time hang them carefully.  I may or may not have spent more time untangling them than it actually took to make them!  [photo by captured nh and a peek of Nadia's party!]

All of the balloons were purchased from the Dollar Tree. They come in packs of 100 (one color).  Stock up! 

Happy Celebrating!

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