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Charlotte's Web Party Attire: Which One?!

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Those of you who follow Taste{Full} on Facebook or Instagram know that I am planning a Charlotte's Web  party for Genevieve's 4th birthday.  When I was decorating her nursery I came across an E.B. White book set at a thrift store and used it as decor in her room. One afternoon when she asked me to read Charlotte's Web I assumed I'd read a few sentences and then she'd get bored.  Wrong. She loved the story and it kept her attention despite the few illustrations. I started out reading her a few pages at a time but then she got antsy.  I told her we could stop reading it and try later, but she literally begged me not to stop reading the book.  So for months we snuggled on her bed and read a page or two at a time before nap.  And now those are some of my favorite memories with Genevieve.  I loved re-reading this beloved classic to my little book lover.  And I have to admit, I loved that she loved it.  It dawned on me very early on that a Charlotte's Web party would be perfect. So here we are! 

I have gone back and forth with what she should wear for a Charlotte's Web themed birthday.  I thought about making an overall dress with a tutu but at this point, I'm considering more classic, slightly less girly options.  The party will be pink (for Wilbur), red (for the barn), and blue (for the sky on the cover art). I am incorporating farm details into the party but it's not going to be super farm-y (that's a word).  I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from my friend Jessica's (over at Live the Fancy Life) amazingly awesome and modern cow party.

Which of these looks best fits the theme?

Look 1:
The chambray and pencil skirt keep this look modern but the denim and floral headband and boots add a touch of farm.

Look 2:

Genevieve already has a denim shirt and brown boots.  No pretty tulle skirt though. Shocked?
Look 3:

PS- Genevieve has these exact boots and a denim skirt though it's not as fun as this one!
 Look 4:
I have been dying to buy the girls these boots for sooo long.  (grandparents, if you're reading...)

Charlotte's Web Book- Amazon.

Look 1: 
denim shirt. $17.94

Look 2:
denim shirt. $17.94.
tulle skirt. $34.95
bow faux suede boot. $20.99
polka dot bow headband. $3.25

Look 3:
red gingham cotton shirt. $12.95
tulle hem denim skirt $9.79
bow boots. $39.95
denim flower and bow headband. $2.25

Look 4:
denim overalls. $14.45
ruffle peter pan top. $16.95
minnetonka fringe boot. $39.95
polka dot headwrap. $6.50
*some affiliate links included.

Some of these items are a bit steep but for the couple of Crazy 8 items, they are currently having a sale!  It seems like most stores are offering amazing discounts/coupons for the Holiday season so make sure to check it out and if you can't live without any of these adorable items! Be inspired!

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