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Regal Holiday Look + Headed Out of Town.

3:22 PM

I'm in love with this fancy shmancy holiday look I created over on Tall Snob and wanted to share.
I tend to go trendy with my looks for Tall Snob, but this dress is so regal I went a bit mature.  Check out the sources and full post here.

In Other News:
I'm sad to say my grandmother passed away and I will be heading out to be with family for most of this week.  I might be able to squeeze in a blog post but most likely I'll be 'offline' this week and back at it next week.  This makes losing the photos from our mini family reunion hurt so. much. worse.  I had a gorgeous photo of my grandmother on the beach, wearing a beautiful caftan and posing with glam and grace.  I really wish I could bring it with me to Kansas this week.  

Prayers for my family are appreciated. Thank you!

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