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Gifts to Nourish your Little One's Soul.

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My mom always said "Jesus is the reason for the season," and while I might have rolled my eyes in response, once or twice or lots, I agreed then and agree now.  But even though I say that, sometimes my actions don't show it. One small way I want to reiterate that refrain with my girls is to give them at least one gift that nourishes their little souls.  Here are my picks for spiritual books--most of which we own and love. It includes a range of ages from little babes to big kids.

From left to right:
Jesus Storybook Bible- there's a reason this one is number one! We love this bible.  I feel like I learn something each time I read it.  It's so amazing how it links old testament stories with Jesus's coming in the New Testament.  And it doesn't shy away from the truth or oversimplify some of the more "mature" bible stories, yet it's told in a way that's just perfect for little ones.  I could go on and on. Seriously, buy it!

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids- I own the version for grown ups and just love it.  Sarah Young just has a way of rephrasing scripture in a way that speaks right to my heart and/or my current circumstance.  This book is categorized as appropriate for ages 8-12 which is the only reason it's not on its way to me from Amazon!

The Action Bible. My girlfriend has this one and both her daughter and son love it.  I love that it's a great "boy" bible as many devotionals seem more suited toward girls/women.

Precious Moments Favorite Bible Verses or Precious Moments on Amazon. You know how something is so common that you forget it's special? That's how I feel about Precious Moments.  We have a few but I like how this one is broken down into categories like "favorite verses for when I'm sad," or "favorite verses for when I'm angry."

LullaBible. This one is a bit more classic.  If you're musical, it's great since you can read the music and sing the songs. I, myself, have not a musical bone in my body so that part is sort of lost on me.  While the book is good, it's the CD that comes with it that I love.  It's so sweet. Genevieve falls asleep to it each night.

Tiny Bear's Bible. (also comes in blue!). This one is perfect for really young children.  It tells popular bible stories in a basic, but cute rhyme.  I even used some of the quotes/poems in Genevieve's and Nadia's baby books.  The cover is just adorable.  I love that it's basically a stuffed animal combined with a storybook.

Merry Christmas!

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